Trial harbour 

20160618_163502Trial Harbour. Aboriginal carvings found at the campsites, (there is usually a sign made by the locals unless deadbeats burn it) this is also for other reasons a unique rock, if you throw a stone on it (not on the carvings) it will bounce off like a super ball and make a very different sound to any other of the rocks around.

weekend trip to trial harbour, to test the new camping rig out. definately suits our camping and outdoors lifestyle.

As usual beautiful veiws on the northern end of ocean beach (Trial)

views from camp

Had a play in the dunes, it was rock hard so didn’t have to give it to it but love the noise



Whats left of the walking track to cumberland falls we followed it as far as we could before the pink markers disappeared and we where covered in leaches. Bit disappointed we didn’t make it
The camping set up was a bit fresh but works well
Fantastic view’s above Trial

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