Campbell Rivulet Falls.

Campbell Rivulet Falls.

After working on vehicles for the past 3 days I was sick of it and needed a break so we decided to head in a south-easterly direction and see where the road took us.

We had 3 options today and we couldn’t make up our mind on which place to check out so we just head in the general direction and seen where the road took us to first. Perfect Morning 1

With a view like that, it quickly swayed us in that direction and it wasn’t long before we ended up near Campbell Rivulet.  I had a mark on my map where I thought a waterfall may be so we parked up the cruiser and went by foot.  We followed a pretty steep quad track for a while and then ventured off into the bush and straight away the fungi started and I stopped.

Russula Persanguinea 1
Russula Persanguinea

The rest of the walk down to the falls although reasonably short took some time because we were stopping every couple of meters photographing different fungi.

Boletellus obscurecoccineus 1
Boletellus obscurecoccineus
Hypholoma fasciculare 1
Hypholoma fasciculare
H. Pseudograminicolor 1
H. Pseudograminicolor

The green ones at first were very hard to see as the foliage was very green but once we spotted on we suddenly seen hundreds. After not getting very far Jacinta forced me to put the camera away so we could make some ground and get down to the falls within the day but as we descended down closer to the creek something purple caught my eye so I had to get the camera out again…

propolomopsis lewelliniae 1

After getting told off again we scrambled down the rest of the way and finally made it to the Falls.  We weren’t expecting much as they can sometimes be hard to pick on the map but this time we were pleasantly surprised. Campbells Rivulet Falls 1 1


It turned out to be a 3 tier waterfall with a total height of (as a guess) around 30m. Campbells Rivulet Falls 1Campbells Rivulet Falls 3Campbells Rivulet Falls 2 1

Unfortunately, due to lack of rain, there wasn’t much water but after some heavy rain, this would be a very impressive fall.  After taking in the bottom of the fall we decided to see if we could get to the next tier but found it inaccessible but we could see the next level up was easy to get to so we climbed over to that to have a look. Top Tier of Campbell Rivulet Falls 1 From here we turned around to head back and got all but 3m before I had the camera out again…

lyophyllum low

and then another meter or to up

Hygrocybe coccinea 1

At this stage, I was in trouble again so I put the camera away and made it all the way up the hill without taking another shot and then thought a rest would be good so I started looking down again and within a matter of seconds I had the camera out again.

Hygrocybe astatogala 1
Hygrocybe Chromolimonea 1
Hygrocybe Chromolimonea

At this point, Jacinta nearly Confiscated the camera so we finally made it back to the cruiser and although only walked less than 2 km it took a few hours.


From here we decided to lock the hubs in and go further down the track to see how far we would get but it didn’t take long before we spotted a landslide so I had to get the drone out and have a bit of a look.

Campbell Rivulet Valley
Campbell Rivulet Valley

After playing with the drone and falling down the landslide we continued down the track, it was pretty easy-going but then became pretty tight Tight Squeeze

Campbell Rivulet Crossing

Once we crossed Campbell Rivulet it didn’t get any better and I nearly had a Toyota SHIT DIFF moment. close call

On this nice flat bit of land, the USELESS TOYOTA LSD diff decided to be an open diff and I was bogged in reverse and edging closer to the tree so we had to push forward. Once past this embarrassment, it wasn’t long before we came across this. Bridge From Hell The uphill bridge and it flexed when I walked on it so we chickened out turned around and head to the next spot.


Central Creek Karst.

Although we have been to this area more times than we can count we recently found out we have missed the bulk of the area and small Karst Caves.  So with a bit of time up our sleeves, we thought we would venture back and see if we could find the areas we have previously missed.

At the start, it wasn’t looking too good as we retraced old steps and didn’t find any clues as to where exactly it was but I finally used my brain and realised that the area is called Central Creek Karst so we followed Central Creek and what do you know?? We found it in minutes. Central Creek Karst 1 1There were fantastic formations in the magnesite and little caves and nooks and crannies everywhere (Just noticed that even when I’m not trying to take photos of fungus they still manage to photobomb).Central Creek Karst 1 This was a marked cave, I reckon when there is water flow in the creek it would disappear down here somewhere. Central Creek Karst 2 1Central Creek Karst 3 1Central Creek Karst 4 1

I was going to go into this little cave and have a bit of a look but I literally brushed against a boulder on the wall and it fell on me so I wasn’t to keen after that. Central Creek Karst 5 1

Small little waterfall located in this one.  From here satisfied that we had seen all of the Karst Feature in the area we head for home.  For more info on magnesite Karst Click here.

Hope you enjoyed.



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