Doone Falls – Rocky Cape

Well the rain had cleared the sun was out and I had no jobs to go on with at home and I couldn’t bear to waste another minute at home doing nothing so we thought we would go out and do a walk before Jacinta had to go to work.  Even though Rocky Cape isn’t far away we haven’t really explored it that much as it is a National Park and you have to get permits and as it is the only accessible one on the North West Coast it is hard to Justify paying a yearly fee but anyway here we where.  The walk starts at the Sisters Beach Boat Ramp and unfortunately right from the word go it is up but it does offer some great views looking over Sisters Beach.Sisters Beach   Sisters Beach 1

So after going up for what seems like an eternity you eventually reach the top and make your way around the back of Broadview hill.  From here you can see Shakespeare’s Hill calling out in the distance trying to entice us over. Shakespears

Once you get around the hill the track opens back up again into an old vehicle track and you head back towards the coast and once again come into some fantastic views. Good View

From here you head down the reasonably steep Zig Zag track into the valley where the Falls are.Zig Zag

Now Jacinta fell over about 5 or 6 times and I laughed every time.  I didn’t fall over at all….. the bruise on my leg came from Jacinta kicking me HAHA.  Once you are at the bottom of the valley it is only a short walk and you are there. Doone Falls

Doone Falls 1

Doon Falls 2

Also in the valley there was a fair bit of fungi around most of it I have seen before but I in particular I hadn’t and it was nearly translucent. Fungi

Growing under the protection of the Red Fungi.  At first I didn’t even see it I only seen the Red one so it was a bonus.  Also seen this near by and it looked like a tight squeeze particularly for the one in behind. Fungi 1   From here we made our way back up the Zig Zag and then the race back to the Cruiser was on as this was hard on our tail. Beat the Rain

Unfortunately the weather beat us. We got within 200m of the Cruiser and then it decided to pour down saturating us for the trip home.  All in all the walk to the falls is about 9km return but it was well worth the effort in the end the wet cloths also.

Hope you enjoyed


Brendan & Jacinta

Full Video here

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