Elvers Falls.

It’s been a busy month or two with family over for Christmas work commitments and everything else so we have been a bit quite with the blog but we have still been out and about, just in places we have been many times before.  With the ‘Slug’ out of action with a lack of wheel bearings ((literally)DSC_0018.JPG

The outer bearing case was completely shattered and had to be chiselled out of the hub).We decided to hit the water today and go for a paddle up the Arthur River  to check out Elvers Falls on Richardsons Creek.

We have attempted to get here before by land but it was a failed attempt as there is no actual track and you have to make your way through very thick tea-tree forest and at the time it was the middle of winter and I didn’t have my machete.  This time was much easier and after unloading the Kayaks at the boat ramp we where of. Paddleing the Arthur With a tail wind we made the 3km trip to the mouth of the Richardsons creek in no time.Richardsons Creek Elvers falls walk

After Mooring the Kayaks and hoping to see Jacinta fall in we started the short walk. Walking Track This probably isn’t a walk you would be wanting to do in winter as the first 100m or so would be under water as it is all swamp and I reckon the water would be freezing, after the swampy bit though the walk is pretty good following the valley of the creek through horrible cutting grass and tea-tree forest. The walk is only about 300m so you reach the falls before you even realise, they are very scenic and a little surprising.  They aren’t the biggest or tallest falls by far but they are very pretty its like a little oasis hidden out in the bush. Elvers Falls 1Elvers Falls Jacinta

After checking out the area we decided to head back as Jacinta had to work in the Afternoon but in this time the wind had picked up and it made for a very hard slow going trip on the way back down the river and it didn’t seem to matter what side of the river or bend you went on there was no hiding from the wind or whitecaps.  After eventually making it back to the boat ramp with sore arms we loaded up the kayaks and realised we still had a bit of time up our sleeves so we thought we would play general tourist and check out some of the usual spots on the way home.

Big Surf Edge of world
Edge of the World

Which was also good as there was a fairly big sea coming in.

Big Surf West Point
West Point

West point is a place I stop at a lot when I’m down this direction not sure what it is about the place but love it down here.

Lighthouse Beach
Lighthouse Beach

Only Short one this trip.  Hope you enjoyed.




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