Exploring Tasmania’s West Coast

Old Godkin Mine Winch, Exploring Tasmania's West Coast
Godkin mine winch

We love exploring Tasmania’s West Coast . Generally, we look for or go to areas that are either off the beaten track or areas that have been forgotten in time, some areas contain a lot of history others just look spectacular and some have both.  We cover a variety of different locations  from the Far North West Coast right down to Queenstown and Strahan and will also occasionally head further East when time permits we mainly focus on old mines  historic sites and waterfalls and will go to any lengths to get to them including 4wding, Quad ‘The Slug’ and Bushwalking.  We also love camping so where we can we will take the camping trailer and make sure the fishing and diving gear are packed as any excuse to put a line in or go for a dive is usually taken. We also have a YouTube channel where all the video’s of our adventures will be loaded up to and available in HD.

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