Exploring The ‘Tarkine’ Loop

Over the last couple of days we have been out and about exploring the not so known areas of the ‘Tarkine’ Loop Tourist Route and testing out the new weapon of choice… The Slug. An old KLF 300 I picked up to help us get into those not so easy to reach areas and although very slow it will go just about anywhere. Also on this Trip was my parents (Linda & David Costello) over visiting from the mainland.

After listening to the blokes at work talk about kayaking along the Arthur all week (and me getting jealous) they actually inadvertently provided me with some information and this led to an area I had not yet been too. So we loaded up the Slug on the trailer and we where away heading for the Rapid River Junction (thanks to the blokes at work). Once of the beaten track a bit we unloaded the Slug and we where away

Although we could have got the 4wd down here without  too much trouble I was keen to test out the bike. The trek in was a fair distance and somewhat overgrown in some places but it was worth the effort as you come down to a pretty great little camping spot Rapid River Camp.jpg

Where the Arthur River is massive rapid-river-camp-2rapid-river-camp-1

Not far from the little camping area is the Junction of the Arthur and Rapid River and as always there is something that catches you eye in the bush like intermit trees Dancing Trees.JPG rapid-into-arthur

Rapid River Flowing into the Arthur waters-merging

This Photo gives a good example of the different waters meeting, the closest darker colour is from the Rapid and the lighter brown is the Arthur. One of the best things about this time of the year is the bush is full of colour, fungus and fruits.white-berriesI just have no idea what edible and what’s not and Jacinta won’t test it for me haha.

The next day I cracked the whip and got everyone up bright and early as we had another big day ahead of us.  The first place I wanted to check out was a swallet (Stream Flowing into side of Hill) on Hawkes Creek but as we got to within a couple of k’s of the location there was a big new locked gate where some broke mining company holds the lease so we reluctantly turned around and headed for the next spot Stephens Rivulet in search of some elusive falls. The walk in started out alright following an old overgrown forestry track but that soon disappeared and we where in the thick of it literally.  We walked to where I had the falls marked but didn’t see anything other than a very overgrown creek stephens-rivuletSo we decided to go back up the hill a bit and look further on and then came across these stinkhorn-1stinkhornIt’s called Stinkhorn Fungus (Aseroe Rubra) and was the first fungus discovered in Australia  to scientists by the French in Reserch Bay Tas back in 1793.  Not far past this we came across some blue streamers in the trees so decided to follow these as we thought it might have led down to the falls but instead it just kept going and going and going and didn’t appear to lead anywhere

After an hour or so we realised we where wasting time as we were heading further away from the creek so admit defeat and start the long hard walk back out.  The walk wasn’t a complete waste though as I reckon we seen some of the tallest gums we have all ever seen and also some interesting fungus toadie

With drugo grasshoppers eating it.  After getting out we had to drop Jacinta off at Kanunnan Bridge as she had to go to work and mum also chickened out and went back as well. So it was just me and the old man left.  So after two fails of not seeing what we had intended we though it might have been third time lucky which was a 50m high cliff face that is sheer into the Arthur River so we unloaded the bike and followed Sumac Spur 2 and got about half way down and the track just about came non-existent so we had yet another miss hit but I still managed to get a photo off the blokes doing the canoe trip down the Arthur wp-1488687851502.jpgThanks Sam Great Photo

So after loading the bike back on the trailer yet again I thought bugger it we will just go to a place that I know we can get to Luncheon Hill and it was a perfect day so we would get fantastic views luncheon-hill-1luncheon-hilllunchoen-hill-2and didn’t disappoint, it was great even got the chance to get the drone out as there wasn’t a breath of wind around

At this stage it was getting on in the afternoon but there was still one spot I wanted to check out so we thought bugger it we will and it was well worth the effort. We parked the 4wd up and jumped on the bike as there where a couple of big bog holes.

As you can see it was well worth the effort as the area is spectacular holder-camp-1holder-campholder-camp-rapids

So after a swim and a couple of beer in this fantastic spot it was time to head for the Hills.  We had a few miss hits on this trip but also found some great spots and seen some great things.

For those interested in seeing this area here are a few more places to look out for

Julius River Swallet , The Unnamed Falls, Julius River Waterfalls


You Tube Video


Brendan & Jacinta

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