Farquhar’s Road Trip

After a horrid couple of weeks caused by incompetent upper management whom of which have decided to close the factory I and many others work at for literally no reason, it was time to get back to some sort of normality and what not better way to do that than to venture out into some of the most remote spots in Tassie.  So we where up at the crack of dawn and on our way The Nut

and what a beautiful morning it was to top it off.  Today we where on our way to explore Farquhar’s Rd which is the same road that Victory Springs is on  but on the other side of the Arthur River.  I was a little worried about going here as we had some rain the day before and was worried that the river might have been up but thankfully it wasn’t.

Keith River MouthKeith River Mouth on the other side of the Arthur.  From here decided to go and see if we could find an old mine in the area but all we found was a forest of fungi.Fungus Forest

and a mystical forest view to go with it Mystic Forest

From here we headed south along Farquhar’s rd driving deeper and deeper into the abyss.  The track was generally pretty good apart from a couple of areas that if I had a diff lock wouldn’t have been an issue at all but where would be the fun in that?

Not too much further up we hit the end of the line which finishes at Pinners Deposit Mine and it’s not until you get an aerial view that you realise how isolated that you actually are DCIM100MEDIADJI_0002.JPGDCIM100MEDIADJI_0001.JPG

From here we decided to head back down toward the Arthur River and find somewhere to have some lunch but not before I had to try to get up a little incline.

There are two things I should have learnt from this trip out (which I probably won’t) and that is 1. Take the Easy Route and 2. Take the tow hitch out before deciding to climb something steep as it buries itself into the ground and inhibits reversing as it is like an anchor.  So after my little mishap we had some lunch.  After lunch we wanted to check out some warm springs that where nearby but didn’t have any luck finding it instead we found some rather colourful fungi. Red FungiBlue FungiGrowing From Tree After admiring the beauty of nature it was time to go and upset it and get the ‘Slug’ out which seems to burn more oil than petrol but never the less is still fun.  We ventured up the Iconic (to the area) Pinners track.  The first half of it is very easy and offers glimpses of some fantastic views as it is up on a ridge but as you start to descend it starts to get rather boggy and rutted which was a challenge for the ‘Slug’ as it has tiny wheels on it and is rather gutless but we gave it a crack until Jacinta started sooking  and made me turn around before this. Bog Hole  but we still got to go through a few before hand and I managed to get sworn at for no reason.

On the way back we came across some more unusual fungi Coral Fungi Big

Some even looked like prawn crackers Prawn Cracker Fungie

From here the beer thirst was starting to kick in so we headed back to the cruiser loaded the bike on and headed back across the Arthur for home

Hope you enjoyed


Brendan & Jacinta

Full Video here.

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  1. Interesting fungi Brendan,
    Great views too, what is that racket in the background?! Sounds like the soundtrack to Texas chainsaw massacre😳

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