Jack Smiths Track Trip

Now I don’t like to start on a downer and I don’t like going into this stuff too much so I will keep it brief.  Something really pissed me off this week I got a message from a certain group of people (person) telling me  not to share some of the beautiful places we find as they want to keep them secrete and make people pay to see them??? So in other words LOCK US OUT SO THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT.  Now nearly all of what we find is on CROWN LAND so it is FREE for all to see and adventure.  Some of the stuff we find can literally take months of researching and failed expeditions to find, some of it we never find and other stuff we literally just stumble across.  Nothing I post gives the exact location of any spot, just the general area and as a lot of you would know if I have been asked to keep a place quite I will not give out the locations to the spots out of respect to the people who have looked after or repaired these area’s.  So sorry about the rant but I will not bow down to the minority.

After the very stormy night I was up early as Jacinta had to work (haha) to go on a little trip Sam had organised  down the west so we all caught up at his place and then we where off dodging all the tree debris on the road after the first real storm for the winter.  The first stop was the bowel.The Bowel  James giving it a crack.The Bowel 1

And also Sam putting the petrol on the limiters.The Bowel 3

After a few try’s we all made it up and the cruisers gave us a triumphant pose as we stood and stared down at the inferior haha. The Bowel 2

Have a listen to Sam on the Limiters .

So after getting blown off the top of the dune we decided to keep going south so we got onto the beach which was literally covered in sea-foam and head down the beach till we got to the inland track.Sea FoamSea Foam (2)

This was one part of the trip I did not like at all because I could nearly hear the rust eating into the metal and also it is impossible to see what is under it so you nearly are driving by feel and its not a good feeling.  So thankfully we where off the beach pretty quickly and heading for the Rebecca stockmen’s Hut for some lunch.Stockmans Hut

After lunch we continued our journey south along the Jack Smith’s track.  This is normally in pretty good condition with a couple of deepish waterholes but now you could nearly get a car down there it is that well maintained (Not sure if that’s a good thing or not).  It wasn’t long until we got to the first creek crossing on a beach (Brooks Creek) and at first looked very daunting as there was more sea-foam everywhere and there was quite a flow coming out of it but it turned out it was nothing to worry about as the sand was as hard as concrete.

We got to the start of Sandy Cape beach and headed down to the Thornton River took one look at it and said no thanks. Thornton 1

Thornton River

So we grabbed a beer got sandblasted and took in the views of the wild west coast of Tassie.

Rough Day

Sandy Cape Beach

Sandy Cape Lighthouse

Sandy Cape Lighthouse in the distance looking over a very rough unforgiving ocean.  So after getting our skin blasted off and coming to the conclusion that we where going no further we though we would go and check out Toyo track as it had been awhile since any of us had been up there and it turned out to be a mistake at least for James anyway as he had seemed to magnetise  himself to quicksand no sooner had we got him out of it the first time he managed to find it very quickly again the second time.James Bogged (2)

James Bogged

Now if it wasn’t for the max tracks and High lift jack and a shovel there was a fair chance we might have still been down there as he broke a winch rope trying to get out and the snatch wasn’t budging him either but with the shovel and the max tracks we where able to dig out some sand from under the tyres and provide a makeshift ramp for James to be pulled up onto.  Of course this did take some work near 2 hours by the time we got him out the second time but it was all part of the fun and it wasn’t me bogged so we had a good time doing it although I think James might disagree haha.  Because we spent most of the afternoon pulling James out we didn’t get to check out the rest of the track out as it was getting late so we headed back to Temma put some air in the tyres and went home.

Hope you enjoyed


Brendan & Jacinta

Full Video here

Thanks to

Sam & Shelley, James, Dylan & Melanie and Regan & Kali

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  1. Great story keep up the good work and stick to your morals with the other stuff cheers Gerry & Es from Ulverstone ✅✅✅✅

  2. I really really enjoy this blog mate

    I love the fact that you are rediscovimg tassies past in a way and sharing that with us!

    We are based out of Hobart and hopefully will re-trace some of the posts you’ve done sometime in the future 🙂 until then we will continue to enjoy exploring through your eyes! And images 🙂

    Keep up the awesome work!

    What drone and camera gear are you using?? The footage and images are amazing!!

    1. Hi mate thanks for that. We will hopefully keep doing it long into the future. I use a mixture of things for the media side. Until recently i was using my phone camera for photos but now use a Sony a6300 for photos and some video. Have a gopro hero 3 for most of the video on the bike and cruiser and also use a phantom 3 4k for the Ariel footage. I would love to update the drone and gopro but i think jacinta might have other ideas about that😂😂

  3. No prizes for guessing who it was that was on your back about ‘divulging locations.’ They don’t own the places they want to police, but they are always in peoples faces about going there.

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