Julius River Waterfalls

Today was probably one of the more spectacular walks we have done in Tassie and it was pretty unorthodox as such as much of it was walking in a river.

We started at the Julius River Reserve which is a nice spot but why it is where it is strange as downstream there are caves and the river disappears into the side of a mountain (which can be seen here) and upstream there are some spectacular waterfalls as we found today. We came half prepared for the walk bringing trusty old diving boots for walking in the river and also purchased a safety beacon as some of the areas we venture into haven’t seen any people in many years.  It wasn’t long until the walking boots came off and we where in the diving boots and forging our way down the spectacular Julius River walk-in

It wasn’t long until we came across something different either underground-water

A spring or underground water system flowing into the river. After seeing this I wouldn’t be surprised if this area hasn’t got some very special hidden secrets around that I haven’t found out about yet. Not to far up we came across the first fall which was more a cascade but was still a good site first-fallsfirst-falls-1

At this stage I thought yep this is beautiful and this is probably what the other two where going to be like so we kept following the river up-stream, most of the time in the water but occasionally had to exit to get around some deep spots and logs.  red-fungus

And as usual there is always something that catches the eyesecond-falls

Not much Further up we came across the second falls and surprisingly it was bigger than the first 2nd-falls


At this stage we where thinking of turning around and going back as we had already came a fair distance but we decided to keep on tracking on forging up the river and heading bush when we had too. walking-to-3rd-fallsfungus

The very healthy fungus in the bush is more of a sign of how bad our summer has been but to every downside there is an up side and the third falls really proved that, they where spectacular. coming-up-on-third-fallsbase-of-third-fallsbase-of-3rd-falls-1

Although hard to tell from the photo’s this was the first stage of the falls the second stage was about 50m back from this and even bigger 3rd-falls3rd-falls-1

The Video attached shows it a little better

From here we made our way back out and the walk out was just as enjoyable as the walk in walk-out

With some great photo opportunities that we missed on the way in and the trout in the creek where unbelievable and mustn’t have to many natural predators as they where literally sunbathing in shallows that only covered half their body and you would nearly have to stand on them before they would shoot off to the safety of a submerged log or rock formation.  Overall this was up there with one of the best adventures we have done with a fantastic reward at the end.

Hope you all enjoyed

HD Video can be seen here.


Brendan & Jacinta



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  1. Hello, you seem to know very well the julius river. Do you think it’s possible to walk from the julius river track to the cave by using the julius river? This way you can also enjoy the waterfalls on the way. Also, are these waterfalls far from the cave, or the julius river track?
    Thanks anyway. great photos and a good story, as always.
    Special mention for the video. 😎

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