Keith River Road Waterfalls.

This was a short morning trip to find a couple of waterfalls around the Keith River Road we also came across a lot of fungi of all different shapes colours and sizes.

After doing all my jobs the day before we thought we would make the most of the spare time and go and explore a few possible waterfalls in the area before Jacinta had to go to work (haha). So after an early start we got to as close as we could to the first possible waterfall and walked in the rest of the way and it wasn’t long before a lot of our time has been consumed by the fungi that was around.

Unsure 1
Austropaxillus Muelleri.


Strange Pattern 1
Leucoagaricus sp.???

Pretty sure this one is called a Leucoagaricus sp. and seems to be very common in the area but I have never seen one with a pattern like this on top of it.  Then another couple of meters up.

Mycena Austrofilopes With Pseudostipes 1
Mycena Austrofilopes With Pseudostipes

Then we turned around and found this,

Hygrocybe lewelliniae 1
Hygrocybe Lewelliniae

then looked over the shoulder and seen this,

Mycena interrupta 1
Mycena interrupta

Then I thought we better make a move and find this possible waterfall and then can you believe it for the first time ever I fell over and nearly face planted this.

Hygrocybe erythrocenata 1

Once I gathered my feet I was once again lured by another different type of fungi.

Clavulinopsis sulcata 1

After this I packed the camera away as we had only come 100m but had been on the move for over an hour. (luckily there was only 40m left to cover).  Once we reached the Unnamed creek we went up-stream for a bit until we realised that we had come to far.Eagle Hill Creek 1


Then as I was taking this photo something else caught my eye.

Eagle Hill Creek Armillaria novae-zelandiae 1
Colony of Armillaria novae-zelandiae.

Eagle Hill Creek Armillaria novae-zelandiae 1 1


Once again I had to force the camera back into the bag and then we head downstream, it wasn’t long until we found our waterfall it wasn’t massive by any means but still a fall of sorts. Eagle Hill Creek Falls 2 1Eagle Hill Creek Falls 1 1

After spending a couple of hours to travel no more than 150m we thought we better venture back to the zook and check out the next waterfall I had marked before we ran out of time. This one was located on the Cann Creek and at some stage would have been known about by a few as there was a very old forestry track going down to near the falls but the track has nearly all but been reclaimed now luckily for time sake there wasn’t to many fungi in this area that we hadn’t already seen so not much time was lost and we where down on the creek and at the falls once again small but pretty scenic.Cann Creek Falls 1Because I wasn’t convinced that this was the only waterfall we decided to walk upstream for a bit.Cann Creek 1 1  Unfortunately we didn’t find another one but we did find another fungi.

Hygrocybe 2
Hygrocybe ?????

I don’t think we have seen this one in the flesh before so it was another tick off the fungi Guide pamphlet.


We could have spent the rest of the day looking for fungi but we where running out of time so decided to head back we travelled along the Rabalga Track on the way back and when we got closer to Dip Falls we came across one of the biggest fungi we have ever seen it was bigger than a dinner plate.Amanita pagetodes 1

That is a 1.5lt water bottle next to it.

Amanita pagetodes 1 1
Amanita pagetodes

We think the one on the right may have collapsed under its own weight the photo’s don’t give it justice at just how big they where.  Because we where so close and nobody else was there we thought we would check out Dip Falls on the way out. Dip Falls 1If your into walkways and viewing platforms they have probably done a good job with the walkway and platform but if your like me you will probably turn your nose up at it haha. From here it was back home just in time for Jacinta to go to work and for me to have a beer.


Hope you enjoyed



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