Lapoinya To Guide Falls

Today we ventured through another area we haven’t really been which started at Lapoinya and made our way through forestry tracks checking out sites in between and ended up at Guide Falls.

It was a good day for a drive as the weather was pretty average after a surprisingly warm Christmas. Our first stop seemed pretty random we stumbled across a very old cemetery in a clear felled plantation, I’m not to sure on what the area was but I’m guessing it may of been the site of an old mill or something maybe.cementry

It was very overgrown so I’m guessing it has been there a very long time.gravePretty much just around the corner we found what’s left of an old Ruin and a water supply so I reckon this would be all tied into each otherruins

What’s left of the Ruins.walking-through-the-weedWalking through the colourful weeds to the old dam.

From here we wound our way through kilometres of loose gravel forestry tracks and terrain that varied from clear felled land to plantation to near rain forest and found a great little camping spot located in the upper reaches of the Inglis River.inglis-river-camping-areaThis looks like an area frequently visited by people on quads as there was tracks everywhere and also some great looking 4wd tracks in the mix too and I reckon you could also do a spot of fishing here as well.inglis-camping-area-1inglis-river-camping-area-2

There was also a great looking power line track here, I only done the first part of it and it was a bit of fun. It’s definitely a spot I would like to come back to and camp and have a good look around

It doesn’t seem to matter where you are in Australia there always seems to be a good Power line track around if nothing else.

From here we ventured  to Oldina Forest Reserve and this was another great little area to camp and also frequented by motorbikes as there are some great hill climbs and tracks around. We also stopped for lunch and had a look around the camp areaoldina-forest-reserve


Unfortunately the area is going to be closed down in early 2017 and it wasn’t hard to see why as the camping areas had been dug up and the scum of the earths have left rubbish everywhere, this is very unfortunate as it would of been a great getaway for people on bikes.

As it was only still early we decided to keep on cruising and the next stop was quite a drive and done a lot of zig zaging to get there. We left Oldina camp ground and ended up way over on Oonah Rd, here there is a water fall that if you didn’t know it was there you would never find it even though it is literally 100m from the road but we found it St Josephs walking through a blackberry forest I managed to get this shot but I shouldn’t of bothered as I could of just done the easy thing and send the drone up.

From here we where going to head home but we seen the sign to guide falls (Even though we have driven past this countless amounts of times we have never gone in) and thought that we better have a look and it is quite a nice



Unfortunately the sign gets to many peoples attention and someone always gets in your shot to get there own shot but its still a nice area.

Overall we still got some good shots and video so was pretty happy and that pretty much wraps up this trip. Hope you enjoyed. Full video will be available on you tube







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