Mawbanna Enduro Track

This weekend we were supposed to be getting some big trees cut down on our block Trees

But old mate doing the job couldn’t make it, luckily you can always find something to do with very little planning, So on Saturday morning we where off and clearing out Sumac rd down to the Horton River (preparing for another trip too come….).Hornton River The water was as black as the ace of spades which I think is a result from the fires that went through the area 12 months ago.  After doing this in the morning we went back home and dropped Jacinta off as she had to go to work (Sucker hahaha) and I went and caught up with Sam, Shelley and family and went to try our luck gold panning out Mawbanna way.  Although we didn’t get rich it gave me an idea of what to do on Sunday and that was to retrace the steps of a 4wd trip we had done a few years earlier on the enduro track to Millicent Valley and Myhill Lookout. Very Unfortunately it is inaccessible to 4wd’s now due to badly washed out bridges and creek crossings.

The next morning we where up early and with the bike loaded and ready to go  we where off.  After a coffee stop first of course. Once you are there it doesn’t take long and you are straight into it.

It took 5 hours to cross this creek last time in the 4wd’s this time on the bike it took all but 5 sec but it brought back some good memories.  From here it is generally up hill for a little while until you come to the Millicent Valley spurMillicent Valley sign

and come across a familiar sign with some familiar names on it…. This offers  good view of the valley and also the coast from Rocky Cape to the Nut at Stanley Millicent Valley 1Millicent Valley

From here you cross the valley.  Its no mountain track winding around the hill either it is literally just straight down and then straight up.

After coming out of the Valley and hanging a right you get onto Knife edge (which is appropriately named too I might add) and head up towards Myhill Lookout,  the first hill you come across is bloody steep.  A lot steeper than I remember anyway but at the time I didn’t think much of it as we have driven up here in our 4wd’s before.  The Slug (Bike) still has some carby issues and it decided to play up at the worst of times about 100m from the top of the hill in the steepest spot. Our hearts where pounding but it managed to cough and splutter and reach the top thankfully.

The near heart attack situation was soon forgotten as we took in the breathtaking views that the climb offered.Myhill Lookout 1

We weren’t finished yet though the next hill although not as steep was just as difficult to get up.  I have no idea how we managed to do it in the 4wds but they seemed to do it a hell of a lot easier than the bike did

Again the views didn’t disappoint Myhill Lookout

From here we decided not to go any further as I remember what was ahead and that was a very steep long rocky decent and if we couldn’t get back up it would have been a very long boring ride back to the cruiser so we turned around and headed back to the cruiser for a bite to eat.

After lunch I wanted to check out another track that was close by so we loaded up the Slug  and moved to the next spot and where into it again straight away with a nasty creek crossing (can be seen in full YouTube video) not far from this was a tree with a massive burl in it. Burl in tree

I haven’t seen many of these over here so I thought I would get a photo, not much further up from this a tree had snapped but was still somehow standing Snapped Tree

not to sure how this has happened but it was in a strange position.  Not far up the track it opened up into a grass land and offered some of the best views of the day as there was no trees to foul the view Looking toward the nutLooking towards shakespears

It also showed off Shakespeare’s and I was very tempted but thought I better leave it until next time

After enjoying the spectacular view we headed back and checked out another spot and then unfortunately headed home.

Hope you enjoyed


Brendan and Jacinta

Full YouTube video here.


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