Meander Falls

This weekend gone turned out to be a very busy weekend with a 4WD trip on Saturday  (and possibly expensive one as I think I have done a front main engine seal on the cruiser) and then on Sunday got invited to do a walk with the Tassie Tiger Trekkers to Meander Falls.  So we where up early again and off to Meander.  On the way  Burnie offered some nice colours for the morning so I had to have a play with the camera and get a shot.Burnie MorningAfter this we caught up with the Tassie Tiger Trekkers had a wake up coffee and we where off for another hour and half drive to the Meander Falls Carpark.  Although the walk is rated difficult the first 3 quarters are pretty easy-going and offer some great views of the Western Tiers and the Meander River along the way.Creek 1

There are also countless little creeks water falls and even Swallets (Water Running Underground) all the way along the track.Falls on way in

My attempt at trying to hold the shutter open for 2 seconds without a tripod just using a rotten old stump.Mini Swalet

Mini Swallet.Split in River

River Re-joining after a split up.RiverTeirsTeirs 1

Looking Mighty cold up on the Tiers.  Once you meander  though the first 3 quarters of the track and (in this case) hit the snow line the track becomes more challenging, it seems to go up steeply for longer periods and gets harder to find your footings as Bradley found out as he was leading us through the fresh snow finding all the holes for us.

Walking through the snow

The track up here was very difficult to find due to the snow but the red arrows point you in the right direction when you can see them.  Up on top of the ridge it must have still been zero or below as there where still Icicles forming Icy up high

Not far after you cross the ridge the sound of water gets louder and louder and then suddenly you can see the falls from a distance.

Meander Falls Distance

when you see this you get your hopes up thinking ‘yep not far to go now’ but don’t get your hopes up because there is still about 400 slow cold meters to go trudging through snow.  The effort is worth it though because when you get to the viewing area it takes your breath away… because it’s so bloody cold.Meander Falls 2Meander Falls

The photos don’t give it justice just to how high the falls actually are they seem to be comparable to Montezuma.  The video gives a better gauge to the size of them.

In the end the falls where worth every step and well worth the effort.  I would to thank Bradley Heidi and the rest of the Tassie Tiger Trekkers (sorry I am hopeless with names) for inviting us on this walk we had a great day even though the legs are a bit sore today and it has ticked yet another thing of our bucket list.


Brendan & Jacinta

Full Video here.

Thanks to Bradley and Heidi Horton and the Tassie Tiger Trekkers

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