Meunna Area Waterfalls.

After spending the last couple of weekends catching up on jobs and services on the cruiser we where keen to get out and about again but time was limited because Jacinta had to work in the afternoon.

A bit over a year ago we where out Meunna way and I remember that Phillip Wise commented on the blog and asked if we made it into the Hebe River falls which we hadn’t. So I spent hours and hours on the net after that trying to figure out the location of the falls and had no success and ended up giving up for the time being……… Until last night. After our last posted trip to Corinna I accidentally taught myself how to find unmarked waterfalls on maps, so with only a morning to spare we where of to Meunna to try to find some waterfalls.

Hebe River

The first one to cross of the list was the Hebe River waterfall as it has been haunting me for over a year now. There is no track to these falls so it’s a bit of a bush bash through some pretty thick forest.

Walking to hebe falls

The river is also quite spectacular and is different to a lot of other rivers around the area as a majority of the rocks are white and big boulders.

Hebe River 1

There are also plenty of great little water holes along the river.

Hebe River Hole 1

Hebe River Hole 1 1

(At the time of taking these photos I was real keen to see how they would come out as I tried a little bit different setting and all was going well they where looking great through the view finder. This was at least until I got home and noticed that every bloody photo has a blotch in it from dirt or something been on the sensor so there was a lot of swearing at the computer and camera to make me feel better haha). Not much further up the river literally dried up and we came to an outflow of a mini Swallet.

Swallet Outflow 1

The river disappears underground for about 20m and then reappears here. It is surprising how often you find these in Tasmania they seem to be everywhere. Some lead to massive spectacular cave systems like at Julius River and others are like this which I’m guessing is only just under the surface as the length is so small.

Mini Swallet inlet 1

Not far up from the mini swallet you come across the waterfall and they are quite spectacular and a little bit bigger than I thought they where going to be.

Hebe River Falls 1

Hebe River Falls 1 1

After taking in the spot we ventured back to the cruiser and made our way to the Flowerdale River.

Flowerdale River Falls.

The trip to the Flowerdale river from Hebe isn’t very scenic at all as most of it is through clear-felled plantation but there is a bit of history in the area as you pass the old pioneers grave site


and there are also a few ruins in the area but I’m not to sure on the details. Once we got to the Flowerdale River we headed upstream and straight away it surprised us with a little waterfall that we weren’t expecting.

Flowerdale River Falls 1 1

So knowing this wasn’t what we where looking for we continued on further upstream and it was another rather spectacular walk as there are plenty of mini gorges in the river and its generally very scenic

Flowerdale River 1

Not too much further up we came into a little gorge that had yet another waterfall at the end of it and this time it was slightly bigger.

Flowerdale River Falls 2 1

Flowerdale River Falls 1

Flowerdale River gorge from top of falls 1

this is from the top of the falls looking back down the gorge. After seeing this and realising this still wasn’t where I had the falls marked we continued on thinking that we might hit the jackpot as far as waterfalls go we kept on trekking up the river until we had hit the mark on the map and was a little disappointed as the waterfall we expected was more of a big cascade hidden in boulders.

The Final Cascade 1

In saying that I reckon it would be quite a site in winter time when there is more flow but in the middle of this very dry summer it wasn’t too much.

Unfortunately by this time we where running out of time so we had to start heading back and I kept having this nagging feeling that we might have missed the big one and looking further at my map I think we have but it will have to wait until next time.

Hope you enjoyed.



Full Video here.

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  1. Hebe river falls look lovely. Theyve been bugging me for a year too. Any chance of obtaining a general location and route and start point? Bush bash/steep no problem.
    Cheers.. steve

    1. Hi Steve the easiest way is to head upstream from the bridge on myalla Rd when it crosses the Hebe River. The other way is head south over the bridge and when you get to the first big bend that has a lot or room to park up the bank head in towards the river from there. But be sure you got the river and not the feeder creek

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