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Moina Area Pt 1.

Recently the Tassie Tiger Trekkers done a walk in the Moina area to some waterfalls and in their after walk drinks found out that there is a rich mining history in the area so we had to check it out.

So today we where up early enough to catch a beautiful sunrise   

make a quick trip to Bunnings to get some gumboots (as someone forgot them) and then meet up with the crew at the Bakery and head of to Moina.

After a quick stop at Moina to check the maps and see exactly where we where heading we made our way to the first stop Narrawa Prospect.  We found a bit of a goat track down the hill so we followed it and within minutes were soaked as the track was mostly through thick tall button grass.  Once the grass stopped the history started within minutes we found our first adit but unfortunately, it was mostly collapsed.

From here we saw a lot of evidence of more recent activity as there were PVC covered drill holes and even bits of drill left behind 

At times it was a little hard to decipher what was historic and what was modern day rubbish as the first activity of mining was recorded in 1893 through to around the 40’s and then drilling occurred as recently as 2006.  The main commodity was Gold, Zinc, Lead, and Silver.  More Info. 

These look a little more recent??

Another of many small adits in the area. The area was also heavily sluiced in some parts so there are channels and loose gravel everywhere.   This was an adit that only me and Cruze had a look in as everyone else is scared of the monstrous cave spiders.   what we think may be a part of an old crusher or separator. 

Possibly part of an old battery stamper.  After checking through the area and being quite happy that we had found most of what we wanted to find we moved on to the next mine and that was only just over the creek and was called Narrawa Reward and the adit here was still in good nick so we went in for a look. The adit went in about 50m and just stopped so I don’t think this one was worked for very long but was still interesting.

From here we made our way back to the 4wds and decided to go and try and find Allnations Mine this is where we thought an old bus might have been along with a few huts so after a quick stop for lunch we went in search and within minutes we stumbled across our first find 

a small adit full of water and right next to it was a water-filled shaft.  From here everyone started to get a little excited and we all went off in different directions through the bush in search of some old huts, bus, acid tank and the main adit.  Unfortunately, all we found was some old sluice workings a pipe, part of a crusher plant and….. yep some fungi.

Cortinarius metallicus


Heterotextus peziziformis

After walking around in circles for about 2 hours we where a little disappointed we didn’t find exactly what we were looking for so now instead of walking we decided to drive and initially we thought our luck changed as we found what was left of one of the old huts 

So from here we went on foot again to explore the area but all we managed to find was an old dam and cannel and another orange fungi.


Hygrocybe cantharellus

So once again after feeling a little disappointed we continued driving around in circles for another hour and didn’t really achieve much but seen some fantastic views.

After taking in the sites we thought we better make a trip to the pub and plan our next trip over a couple of beers.

It wasn’t until I got home that I realised that all the pictures of the research had GPS coordinates on them.  If only we had have looked but it doesn’t matter as it now gives us an excuse to go back and next time we will be in the zooks so no tracks will be too overgrown or sketchy.  Until then…

Hope you enjoyed





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