Moina Pt 2.

On this trip we venture back to Moina to try to find the abandoned bus and the Zook gets speed wobbles.

This trip was the maiden voyage for the Zooks as a group so knowing that they struggle with a breath of wind or the slightest incline we got underway nice and early, that was at least until Darrel’s started playing up but after some quick roadside maintenance, we were underway again. After we got through Burnie and onto the dual lane highway I had a brain fart and forgot where we where going and took the wrong exit so after figuring out where I was supposed to be going we refueled and got back onto the Highway, at this point we where on a slight downhill slope and the Zook was moving along nicely at about 110 that was until the usual happens and you come across someone hell-bent on doing 90 and trying their best to hold up traffic so I moved into the passing lane to pass and then hit a bump in the road and that was it the Zook got some severe death wobbles, like an unbalanced trailer, so I backed off and road it out and then it comes good. Old mate that I was passing seemed to find an extra 20km and zoomed off. Straight after the incident, we pulled over thinking we may have had a flat but after a quick check we where all good and on our way to catch up with the others.

After we caught up with the others we head out to resume our search for this elusive abandon bus that we were looking for last time we were here. We started off where we started last time but this time because we where in the Zooks we weren’t to worried about any overgrown tracks so we continued further down the track and noticed that we where getting close to a waterfall on Narrawa Creek so we got out and had a walk towards the falls but soon realised it might be a lost cause because the bush was thick soaking wet and the hill was extremely steep but just as we where about to turn around and continue down the little track we where on Bradley stumbled across an abandoned mine and it was a ripper too.

Sayers Mine 3 1

It was called Sayer mine and the main commodity was Tungsten and Bismuth which seemed strange as this looked like the work of a small prospector and by looking at some of the materials used particularly in the shaft it might have been used up until recently (20 years or so).

Sayers Mine 1

Sayers Mine 1 1

Sayers Mine 2 1

After checking out the area we continued on down the little track and I was keen to get some footage of the Zook’s 4wding in some tight spots but the bloody things are just to good and nothing seemed to stop them. We finally reached the bottom of the track which was down on Lake Cethana, looked like it would be a good little camp spot in summer.

Lake Cethana 1

From here we climbed back out up the hill following forestry tracks and kept on looking for this bus but instead found another view.

Lake Cethana 1 1

At this point we started to give up on the bus a bit so we went and showed Darrell and Tena the mine we found last time in the area and I tried to get a close-up Picture of a glow worm but unfortunately, it wasn’t glowing.

glow worm 1

By this time we had all but given up on the Bus so we had some lunch in the freezing cold snow and decided to go find some waterfalls after lunch. The first one was easy to find but very difficult to get down to but well worth the effort.

Tin Spur Creek Falls 1
Tin Spur Creek Falls

On the way up Jacinta tried to kill Heidi as a rock came dislodged and came crashing down between her feet so we were very wary after this. From here we walked up the Lorinna track a bit to find out why the poor community has been lost to civilisation (at least from the northern end) and then found quite a few Landslides that have severely damaged the track. It’s a shame they haven’t fixed them as the track would be a fantastic drive. The next waterfall wasn’t far from here so we ventured to Machinery creek to check it out. Unfortunately, from our location it was impossible to get down the bottom which was a shame as it would have been spectacular as it has cut deep into a gorge

Machinery creek Falls 1
Top of Machinery Creek Falls
Machinery creek 1
Machinery Creek Cutting into the Rock.

At this stage, it was starting to get a bit late so we decided to go and check out the Cethana Dam Wall as it was spilling

Cethana Dam Spillway 1

Unfortunately though Hydro has all the gates locked up so you can’t get in close so we decided to go and find a vantage point and get a picture of the whole spillway but we searched high and low and the only thing I found was a fungus growing on the rocks.

mycena.... 1

I considered sending the drone up but the weather wasn’t much good and apparently Hydro don’t like it too much for some reason so I let this one be.

In our search for a vantage point, we found another waterfall and this one was huge. In fact, I reckon it would dwarf Montezuma if it was one single fall. The photo I got was only of the Bottom part the top was hidden from the angle we where on.

Narrawa Creek Falls 1

We soon realised that this was the waterfall that we were looking for at the start of the day on Narrawa Creek. From here we ventured back to Moina for Refreshments and done a pub crawl on the way home so it ended up being a 15 hour day but well enjoyed.

Hope you enjoyed.



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