Montagu Caves

Today we decided to go for a bit of a drive just to see what we could find with Sam Robinson and Jacinta’s mum Debbie (over on holidays) to fill in the Saturday and it didn’t take to long and we had the hubs in checking out some goat tracks around the area.

It didn’t take long for SOMEONE to get bogged either HAHA

Although I reckon Sam would say that I was actually the first person bogged there is no photographic evidence of this happening.   So after exploring a few more tracks I noticed we where heading to an area we have wanted to check out for a while now and I’m glad we found it because it was spectacular, the Montagu Caves. So we parked up and started the walk which was also pretty impressive as it had some of the biggest gums I have seen and some near rain forest bush  Walk In.jpg

Enterance To Cave.jpg

entrance to the Main Cave site Stalactites.jpg

The Cave had some great Stalactite Formation stalactites-3stalactites-4ball-sack

This one would have to be my favourite, it was in the middle of a chasim and it literally stuck out like dog’s balls pardon the pun.stalactites-1

The cave followed along a shallow mountain side and came out about a 100m further up 20170121_122249

this very unstable ladder coming-out-of-cave

And out the other end.  There was also a second cave in the area so we decided to also check this out although not as spectacular as the first it was still interesting and had a good formation of stalactitessecond-cave

Enterance to second cave second-cave-1

we didn’t go to far into this cave as it was pretty tight and stunk and could also here bats as well as been pretty muddy so we chickened out and turned around.

From further research after visiting the area I have since found out that these caves hold a lot of significance as they also have bone deposits in them from the last ice age when the giant mammals roamed the earth.  Although we didn’t see anything it makes these caves a pretty special place.

From here we went back to the cars and had a bit of lunch and then found what we think was an old quarry site which still had a couple of huts standing. explosives-storage

Think this may of been the old explosive storage area as it has DANGER painted on the side site-office

and this may have been the Site Office????

Area of the old and new quarry and again I crashed the drone just lucky again it wasn’t from any great height

Kids of all ages love the drone including the piolet, I find it hard to go out and not use it even if it’s just to fly up and not film anything.

From here we were off home as Jacinta had to work (Sucked inn) but we had a great day out and seen some spectacular sites. Thanks to Sam for getting me un-bogged (yep it did happen) and Debbie for coming hope you enjoyed it.


Brendan and Jacinta

Full Video in HD can be found here.


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  1. Where are the Montagu caves? I know Montagu but when I did a google search I got nothing at all.

    1. Head up buckbys road, go around the gate if its shut and the road you take is on the left. Its called Grunter Road. The sign is made of wood is covered in moss.
      you can drive a couple of hundred metres then have to walk. the cave is on your right. make sure to follow the track not the tapes as “someone” has shifted them hoping to keep the location a secret
      you can also get onto Grunter Road from Togari but its heaps quicker and asier from the montague end

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