Out Back of Trowutta and Roger River

Today we started our journey  in an area that we frequent and finished in areas we haven’t ventured in yet and it was all good exploring. Sam was with us today in the big patrol making some noise. We started our day down behind the Trowutta arch on the Arthur River. It looks good in any weather down here.

 After having a look around here we went to another spot on the Arthur River, it had a cable car that spans across the river and a water testing facility of some description. I am not exactly sure what these where or are used for but it’s pretty Random as there is nothing else in the area.

 The cable car across the river

 Veiw across the river and the testing tower??? (Update:- I have since found out that this facility was used to measure flow in the Arthur River during times of flood and summer by Rivers and water supply commission to ascertain potential water availability for a potential dam / irrigation/ environmental flows and for the possible transfer of water into the Duck and Montague Rivers for irrigation purposes this research started back in the 1970’s).

 veiw across Arthur River from the cable car.

 This is where the old cable car once was.
After this we ventured into some of the tree farms in the area this was some good fun in the 4wd’s as it is very slippery red clay and of course Sam was the first to get into a situation which required the winch to get him out as he refuses to let a toyota help haha


Sam wasn’t the only one to get stuck, i got myself caught in a bit of a slippery situation coming up a clay hill. There where a few mistakes made from been a bit silly and not letting air out of the tryes and having way to much right foot but it made for an interesting situation as i was not far off from disappearing down the hill

Lucky that was the only photo.

After we got through these fun parts we came across some more history in the area.

 This is an old steam engine and have scince found out it was used to drive the old Sunny Hill mill, not 100% sure on what times it was in operation but i have found an article from council meetings requesting that the Sunny Hill mill road be repaired as it was rutted out and this was dated to 1929.

 Old infrastructure located about 100 meters below the steam engine.

. This is the old tramway bridge that was used to transport logs up the hill to the mill from the upper reaches of the duck river. You can tell just by looking at the area that it is logged forest but there are still some interesting trees and sites around

After this we ventured on and found our selves on the Roger River and the Bridge looked a bit suss so we decided to take the safe option 

(Thanks to John Cotton and David Krushka for the info)

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  1. Hey Brendan I’ve been checking out your blog, you seem to know where all the good spots are 😀
    Just wondering what sorts of map or research info you’re using?
    I would like to visit some of the areas you have been to and it seems hard to find any details

    1. Hi kyle i use memory maps with the 25k map think it is about $100 all up. Some of the spots I find are just purely by accident or word of mouth and some other spots can take hours and hours of research. Sometimes to find nothing at all. But its all fun to do

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