Part 2 Deua National Park Bendethera Camp

So after a great time spent around Ournie Reserve it was time to move on we (Me, Jacinta, Ewen and Megan) where of on the long drive over the snowy’s to Deau National Park and the parents where on there painfully long drive in a non turbo 80 series towing a 2 and a half ton caravan back to Rochester and then to work HAHA.  We were up early that morning so I took the opportunity to try and get a couple of photos of the sunrise 20161101_06130520161101_061254I’m not sure which on is best so ill just add them both.  So after enjoying the sunrise and packing up camp we were on our way.

Now the Old Man had been worried about pulling the caravan through this little Bog Hole the whole time we were there but as you can see it was nothing to worry about. So after this little obstacle and saying our goodbyes we were on our way.  We got all but 500m before we stopped again as we seen 2 massive eagles resting on the fence 20161101_075548The other had flown off buy the time we got a chance to get a photo but you don’t realise how big these birds are until your close to them.  So after this the long windy drive over the snowy’s started and would you believe it was November and there was still snow on the mountains snowWe had a pit stop and investigated a good possible camp spot in summer time at Geehi. It would be a great area to look around when weather permits looks like there would be some great 4Wdriving to be had too.geehi-hutChecking out Geehi Hut.


So After what felt like the never ending journey over the mountains we were of the tar and onto the dirt Bendethera bound but the driving wasn’t over yet we still had a way to go on some very steep but well maintained tracks.

This went on for several Km and was slow going as the caravan didn’t like the erosion humps to much.  After another slow dusty hour or so we had finally made it into the Valley and the first river crossing.  As it was downhill most of the way and very steep we decided to stop and have a beer and let the poor old brakes cool down before crossing, this was also a good opportunity for a couple of photo’s creek-3


So after letting everything cool down we decided to cross and because the water was so clear it was very hard to tell the depth so we found out

Although there where arrows on the tree branch directing us to stick to the right not one of us seen them, I think we were all to busy taking in the site and enjoying it and because of this the inside of the van got a little wet.  Not much further down was another creek crossing

It was from about this point that I fell in love with the place as out of this crossing there where fantastic camping spots everywhere. There was no restrictions no barriers no nothing just some of the best camping areas I have seen and they mazed of all over the place, so if you went there in the busy season I reckon you would still be able to get a secluded spot no worries.  So without much searching we quickly found a perfect little camp site set up and of course I had a play with the drone.

This was a fantastic little spot had easy access to the creek for a swim and we had it all to ourselves.

Unfortunately the water tank in the camping trailer leaks on rough roads when it is to full and our pillows (every bloody one of them) got wet so we had to dry them by the fire but in doing this and been more worried about enjoying a beer they got a little to hot and burnt and the stink was horrible but at the time it was either put up with it or go without, so we put up with it.

So after a rather smelly night sleep we were up and at it again exploring this fantastic area, firstly I had to drive through every creek crossing I could find ( I don’t know what it is about them but I have loved it ever since I was a kid).

The Best thing about this is you also get to see the whole area and not just the spots on the main track. The further in we went the story of Bendethera started to unfold, we came across the historic site and this was very interesting we found out that from the mid 1800’s to the early 1900’s this area was cropped and also had livestock on it so it was a working station as such.ruins-01

Info on the arearuins-1Area of the Horse Stables and also the HomesteadruinsThe old Bread oven that you can still actually make out where everything is. It is now home to a rather large snake.ruins-veiw It is surrounded by beautiful country side, it would of been a fantastic spot to live back in the day but I wouldn’t want to be the person transporting the goods off the farm as it is all up hill to get out and all very steep.

From here we decided to go check out the spur track and it was another very steep but well maintained track it had one of the harshest hairpins I have ever seen and also some great views.


Veiws from up on the spur trackgang-gang

We were also lucky enough to see this little guy, it is a Gang Gang cockatoo which unfortunately has just recently made it onto the endangered list in NSW, this bird didn’t have a care in the world it wasn’t until I got within 2 meters of it then casually  flew off. From here we decided to head back to camp and have a swim and relax for the rest of the arvo but pretty much 100m away from camp there was a narghly little exit out of the creek that looked like a lot of people had struggled with, must of been nissans because the 76 made it look easy

After this we went for a freezing cold swim in the creek and relaxed for the rest of the arvo.

The next day Megan and Ewen left us in the morning as Megan is pregnant and wasn’t feeling the best so we made sure they got out ok 20161103_090740


Great advertising photo for Toyota there.  Megan and Ewen got out with no drama at all so me and Jacinta decided to go and do the Bendethera Caves walk.  Most of the walk was easy and very scenic except for the last 400m it was basically straight up and brutal but well worth it



Also on the walk you can see the Bendethera Blue Wattle this is the only place in the world that this type of wattle occurs.  Once we caught our breath at the entrance of the cave we entered and had a look and it was quite good but the innermost room was full of bats and stunk but it was still a good look and well worth the 8km return walk.20161103_11034220161103_110546Some of the formations and colours  where spectacular 20161103_11011120161103_11224720161103_111822

The only problem was that to get between the sections it was a very confined tight squeeze which can be very uncomfortable it a dark small area.  From here we made our way back to the car and headed for Jervis Bay which will be all in Part 3.

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