Part 3 Jervis Bay and Surrounds

So after a long gruelling walk to the caves and back in Deua National Park (Bendethera Camp) we returned to camp packed up, had a quick swim to cool down and we where on our way. On the way out I noticed there was a fire tower so we had a quick look in there and it had some great views fire-tower-veiwAfter this we where on our way again and this is where my relationship with NSW wore thin, when we left this beautiful place and got back onto the Princess Highway my patience started to ware very thin and it started with the countless roadwork’s that I reckon were going 12 year ago when I was last there and then getting into Batemans Bay and stopping to get some lunch at KFC and some woman pushed in front of us, at this stage I said to Jacinta I will go and wait in the car before I blow my lid (loud enough for that women to hear) but the fun didn’t stop here either only within 50 k another lady decided to overtake me in an overtaking lane (even though I was in excess of the limit) and then slow down. She was driving a Nissan Patrol so it must have just had a shot of NOS and was heading straight to the mechanic but this just pushed me over the limit as she decided to slow down to about 80kmh.  Now I won’t go into detail of what I did but she definitely won’t be doing it again.   So after a long drive we finally arrived in St Georges Basin and had quite a few much-needed beers and relaxed for the rest of the day.


The next day we where up bright and early and keen to have a look around the area so after breakfast at the 5 Little Pigs in Huskisson and a fantastic coffee we went into Booderee National Park and had a look at Bhewerre Beach and Sussex Inlet 20161104_125136Love the beaches on the east coast its just a shame they get to populated during the warmer months20161104_130022After a walk along the beach and around the heads we decided to have lunch in a great little spot located on the Sussex Inlet  channel which looked over to the township of Sussex Inlet 20161104_12385220161104_12391720161104_123931Me and Ewen looking out at the water thinking about beer.

Sussex Inlet from the air.  After this we went into Jervis Bay National Park (which is controlled federally) and checked out some of the camping spots and some of them were great but as it is so close to Sydney there are just way to many people for my liking which is unfortunate because its such a beautiful area.  From here we went back to the residence and had a couple of beers and me and Ewen had to go shopping for tea and took a detour to the Cooee Pub, now this is nearly one of a kind this day and age it is actually a blokey Pub its like something you would expect to find on the edge of the outback it’s just full of the great working class there are no yuppy man bun dickheads here it was great and it had some of the best Tooheys old I have ever tasted, I’m not sure if that is because of the Barmaids serving it or it is some kind of special brew tooheys old but it was beautiful.  So after returning from our shopping expedition and getting yelled at for getting the wrong stuff Megan cooked us up a great meal.


The Next day after the morning ritual of going to the 5 Little Pigs for breky    we went of to have a look at Monkey Gum Fire Trail which I have herd a great deal about and it definitely lives up to its name we entered from the Southern end and there is just bog hole after bog hole, luckily most of them had some sort of chicken track as I was the only vehicle and I didn’t really want to break anything so far from home. One of the chicken tracks though wasn’t actually a chicken track and it just kept going down the hill and it was pretty rough, rough enough that Patrols caught alight and burned.20161105_104436

After I realised this wasn’t a chicken track we decided to turn around and get back onto the main track but we didn’t get a whole lot further as this is where it started to get a bit trickery and I know I sound like I’m making excuses but there was only the one vehicle and we are to far away from home to potentially break something. Nether less it was a fantastic little spot with a great small cliff formation.20161105_11065620161105_11112520161105_11113020161105_111513The Track looked fantastic and would love to go back there prepared one day and give it a crack,20161105_111724just got to hope the do gooders don’t get it closed up.  After this we turned around and went back through Yerriyong State Forest and checked out some of the scenery in there and it was also great 20161105_120320Lookout in the Forest looking back over St Georges Basin and Jervis Bay20161105_120534At the same lookout no one was quite sure how this car got here as it would have had to cross over boulders but it did.  From here we went further into the Forest heading towards the coast and once again came across some great rock formations    20161105_121102

Further in there was some great little creek crossings and camping spots 20161105_124330

Nice little Camp spot.

Front and rear views from a creek crossing in the area it also looked great upstream20161105_124538

Looking up-stream of the creek.  This area is great as it is all within 20min of Jervis Bay but there is very limited people who get out here as they are all attracted to the coast like a magnet to metal.

From here we dropped Ewen back off at his house and me and Jacinta went back out for a bit more exploring and found a few more great areas. This time we went a little further south into Morton National Park and George Boyd Lookout and Granite Falls.20161105_16070320161105_160902

Again as there where bushfires around the views weren’t all that clear but on a clear day this would offer fantastic views of the coast line.  After this we went to Granite Falls 20161105_15503320161105_154842

It would of been great to see water going over them but it was pretty good regardless

From here we headed back to the house and yep you guessed it had a few beers and relaxed for the rest of the arvo.


The next day we where heading to Honey Moon Bay which is located on the Northern Side of Jervis Bay to get here you literally have to sign in and out as it is located on the Navy Firing Range it is only generally open on the weekend but it is still a strange feeling driving through a weapons range.  We first went to check out the lighthouse at Point Perpendicular and I couldn’t help myself and had to get the drone out even though I was as nervous as hell as the area is surrounded by cliff faces nearly 100m high 20161106_11111520161106_11090220161106_111307

I don’t know who in their right mind would walk of a bloody cliff but there was a guy here doing exactly that, insane as far as I’m concerned.

After this we went into Honey Moon bay and relaxed for the rest of the day the spot was beautiful the water was nice and the sun was hot so it was swimming and doing nothing for a while which was great20161106_135406

Had a bit of fun snorkelling stirring up the Old Wives…. The Fish and a jelly fish

From here it was to the pub for tea and the next day time to say Seeya later to Megan and Ewen and thank them for showing us around for the past few days as we where off to Tathra which will be Part 4 of the trip and unfortunately the last Part.


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