Queenstown Trip.

This trip to Queenstown was relatively unplanned and last-minute so we played tourist a bit but still found some interesting and rather challenging areas.

Day 1.

So after signing up with Skilled, we were of and on our way to Queenstown via Anthony Road.  This would have to be one of the most scenic formed roads in Tassie there where waterfalls nearly every couple of km and great views everywhere you look.  Tribute Powerstation Falls  You don’t even have to get out of your car to see them.  I did have a few areas marked to check out whilst along the road but unfortunately had no luck getting to them so we kept on our way to Queenstown and come across the Henty Glacial Moraine so done the touristy thing and had a look and it was pretty interesting and well worth the look and explained how the formations in the conglomerate  rocks occur.  Clonglomerate Rock Clonglomerate Rock 1

Immediately next to this reserve is what looks like a mullock heap so I went on to investigate to see if there was an old mine in the area and whilst I was out there I heard this scream and seen Jacinta running towards me claiming that a snake was really close with its head up so I went back to investigate and just started laughing and laughing…Snake SkinThe wind must have blown the skin around.  After I gathered myself we checked into Queenstown and then set off to have a quick look at Lake Burbury.  The last time we came in this direction we were in the old 80 series and I don’t reckon I got over 40k coming up Mt Jukes to the lookout.  This time I was braking to slow down haha.  Also last time we never went past the lookout which was stupid because about a k past it, you get some fantastic views of the lake. Lake BurburyFrom here we went down and checked out the start of the Kelly Basin Rd for future reference but unfortunately it was closed due to bridge repairs (I think) so we turned around and checked out the little viewing platform on Newall Creek and got talking to a local that put us onto a few spots to check out the following day as it was getting late.  Late Afternoon Sun Mt LyellCloud stuck on Mt Lyell late in the afternoon.

Day 2

The next morning we were up early as we had a big day ahead of us and the first thing was to go and check out Harris Reward Gold Mine out near the King River.  I can’t find all that much info on this mine but it seems to have been in operation before 1900.  On the way in you come across this Harris Reward RuinsNot entirely sure what it is supposed to be but that timber isn’t 120 years old.  A little further up you come across a couple of shafts Shaft and some old Ruins Harris Reward Ruins 2

Harris Reward Ruins 1

Further out in the Huon Pine Forest there is also a heap of man-made trenches I’m guessing these would have been used for diverting water flow and to process the gold out of the sandstone.Harris Reward Trenches

Harris Reward Trenches 1

The area was full of them so was pretty interesting even though we were not 100% sure of the use of them.  From here we went to the other spot that was recommended to us and that is where the Queen meets the King.Queen Meets King

I will get a slap on the back of the head for this but the next photo is rather Ironic… Queen Tainting the King

The Queen making the clear water of the King Murky. hmm.

The silt coming down the Queen is quickly turning the bank back to stone and is also consuming anything in its path including logs.Queens Silt Swallowing Logs

Queens Silt Swallowing Logs 1

As murky as the Queen was the King still looked pretty good under the Huon Pine. King River

Also in the area, we come across 100’s of these little things Weird Ball

Not entirely sure what they are but I’m pretty sure it is fungi of some sort.

From here we went back into Queenstown and had a look at Horsetail Falls.Horsetail FallsWhilst we were there also checked out the Lookout over Gormanston.Old Pit

Which was basically a view over an old open-pit.  From here we left Queenstown and headed back along Anthony Rd for Mt Murchison.  The start of this trek is steep but not too bad through the forest.  It felt nearly tropical with all the Pandani around.Pandani Grass

This soon ended and we came out into the windswept hillside although the track seemed to be getting steeper the views were getting better. Shaded Lake Falls

Shaded Lake Falls.  Not far from here the track starts to get worse and closer to cliff edges and then we got to an area that was a vertical climb with a rope hanging off it. Straight away I said not a chance but we had a group behind us that somehow changed our minds and we continued further up. Mucchison Dam

The track just got steeper and steeper but it wasn’t near any edges so was quite happy to keep going and going and going and going and then just when you think you are close you see the summit and realise there is still a fair way to go.  We got to about 150, 200m of the Trig point and then I shit myself as the track turned into something only as wide as my body and a 60 to 70 m sheer drop on one side.  So I kind of froze grabbed onto something solid and clawed my way back to where I felt safe.  It was the end of the climb for us the Ables can have this one it’s definitely not for anyone that is scared of heights or as far as I’m concerned values their life.  We where very disappointed that we got so close and didn’t make it to the top as it was a magic day and apparently the views are fantastic but we where satisfied with the views we got.  Lake Plimsoll 1

Because we left our bags where you had to start climbing cliff faces we didn’t have water so found a miniature waterfall on the way back down and got a somehow icy cold drink of water and seen another little fungus growing of the rock. yellow FungiDrip

From here we struggled down the mountain back to the cruiser in a world of pain as the knees were struggling and headed home.


Hope you enjoyed


Brendan & Jacinta

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