Sumac Lookout, Julius River Caves & Dempster Plains

We have had a busy weekend this weekend looking around. Unfortunately they are way to short so we made the most of it. It was interesting to see some of these places after the fires and floods we have had earlier in the year.

 Looking to the west of kanunnan bridge and the southern banks have been washed away the amount of water that was washing down here was unbelievable.

Looking through some low lying clouds at the Arthur River from Sumac Lookout.

After this we went to the Julius River Caves, this is a bit off the map and a little difficult to find but thats whats great about the place.  The walk down is a bit of a challenge to because you know you have to come back up at some stage but it is well worth it

 The photo doesn’t give it much justice but its pretty steap.

 The sun struggling to break through the canopy.

Not sure what has happened hear either the dogwood has grown through the tree fern or the tree fern has decided to grow on the dogwood but looks pretty good.

 Just one of the many times you have to cross this little creek on the way in.

 One of the accessible entrances to the cave system down hear although you can’t get in that far it is great to have a look in and is full of cave life too

 Little creek just disappearing into the mountain.

 Cave crickets, we have also seen cave spiders, cave yabbies (completely white invertebrate) and glow worms in this cave on previous trips.

 Looking out the entrance of the cave. Also about 50m further down from the entrance you can get down to where the Julius River disappears into the side of the mountain it is pretty spectacular

 Looking upstream from were it disappears into the mountain.

After this we wanted to go to Wes Beckett Falls and do the scary as hell walk down to the falls but unfortunately it is still closed from the fires (and the gate is locked) so instead we went and had a look at Dempster Plains Lookout. It was actually the first time we have been there but it gives you a good prospective of just how big the fires earlier in the year where.

 Parks and wildlife where there repairing the walkway and veiwing platform and they where saying that some of the fire was still burning a month ago underground in some areas and was also saying that milkshakes may not be open for a while due to trees constantly falling down.

 Some yellow fungus of some sort growing up on Dempster Plains Lookout. Another good day out and about.

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