The hidden secrets of the ‘Tarkine’

Today we went somewhere we have never been before, we started at Takone and ended up at Dip Falls and uncovered some secrets of the ‘Tarkine’ along the way.

Heading west from West Takone into the unknown, we wanted to check out some abandon mines in the area but the floods we had earlier in the year have caused havoc with some of the bridges on the Arthur River and it is apparently private property

Part of the bridge is laying up on the bank on the other side. After this slight dissapointment we tried to find Victory Springs which seems to be very secretive there is next to no information on it and the people that do know about it seem to divert you away from it but we found it. Victory springs is apparently a thermal spring and is part of the Magnesite caves in the area. (The water was slightly warmer than expected but i wouldn’t swim in it)

The spring coming out of the cave system

Looking into last part of the cave system

Looking up the gully to the entrance to the cave system.

Some weird yellow fungus again it must love moist areas.

Not the best photo but they say this is not a cave system worth looking at but the cave stamp on the wall says otherwise  (I’m not sure what the mean but i know they are on every significant cave i have been to).

Looking down into the entrance of the system we didn’t go in as i reckon i would of been to fat to fit in the hole.

After Victory Springs we wanted to check out McGowan Falls and weren’t dissapointed they where spectacular. The walk in to the top of the falls is relatively easy, I beleive it follows an old tramway as there was cable rusting away on the track (Info on area would be great)

Im guessing Mr Mc Gowan was special to the area (Any info would be great)

Looking down the Falls…. I hate getting this close to the edge but it looked great. The walking track down to the bottom of the falls was a different story the first part was a bit scary to negotiate

Had to climb down that and it wasn’t fun but as soon as we turned around we seen this and forgot about the terror we just went through.

It was like a little water fall seeping out of the side of the mountain, the rest of the track down pretty much followed this down so it was pretty wet and slippery but the views below where well worth it.

After this we found another little spot on the Arthur River called Tiger Point. I reckon the trout fisho’s would love this spot plenty of deep water and hidy holes in all the logs that have been washed down from the floods.

There where about 3 way we could head home from hear, 1 was back the way we came and the other 2 where forstery tracks that would lead us back to dip falls.

As you can see the first option wasn’t a good one and the great toyota LSD didn’t help much either haha.  So with my tail between my legs we turned around and headed our the other way, we ended up on Keith River Road and then to Dip Falls which had a bit of a flow going over it and a fugly platform down the bottom of it which i didn’t get a photo of.

After this it was homebound but even that is not without some good veiws

Hope you all enjoy because i know we did

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  1. That was bloody brill. Awesome captions, footage & narrative. Good pics too. Keen to see this place for ourselves now! If you want to know what there is to see of Tasmania’s wilderness, follow these guys on their adventures around this beautiful State!

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