The Launie Trip

After a very busy month or so of cleaning up after this

so we can get ready to build it was time to get away for the weekend.  Although we had some great help from Todd Poke (without it we would still be going next summer) it was starting to drag out and feel never-ending, though we did find some interesting things on the way Termites

like the existence of termites in Tassie (apparently not house destroying ones) and some weird-looking bug with what seems to have no legs but is pretty colourful (Mealy Bug).Mealy Bug.jpg So after 4 or 5 weeks of smoking the new neighbours out with burning off it was time for a get away although it was not all leisure as on the Friday we had to go check out bench tops and tiles.

This wasn’t one of our typical adventures camping out in the most remote locations that I can find and then diving further into the abyss during the days, it was a more of a touristy soft adventure (that cost a bloody lot of money) but we still managed to find a few great areas.  So after checking out the bench tops and a few other house items we checked into the Hotel and then went and found a nice craft beer pub to reside in for the rest of the afternoon.Beer SelectionI wasn’t going to be happy until I drank at least a schooner of them all twice. Some where great some not so.

The next morning we awoke feeling a little second-hand but can’t let that hold us up as there were quite a few walks and areas we wanted to go and check out.  The First was Notley Gorge which is NW of Launie and it was a nice little spot although the constant mooing of cattle reminded us that we where only a stones throw away from reality. Notley GorgeNotley Gorge Walk  Notley Gorge was also known to be a hideout for a gang of bushrangers way back in the 1820’s around a massive old burnt out gum called Bradey’s Tree.  So after walking off the hangover in the gorge we where on to the next stop which was called Kelly’s Lookout although it’s not much of a lookout as there is a heap of transmission towers and it is pretty overgrown that doesn’t affect the drone thankfully, as it was a fantastic view. DCIM100MEDIADJI_0005.JPG

From here we went on to Holwell Gorge and checked out Holwell Falls this is an area we would like to come back to and do the whole walk with a bit more time as it is very pretty through the area Holwell Gorge 1Holwell FallsHolwell Gorge

Whilst I was poking around the area taking in the scenery I may have spotted my fist Tassie fresh water crayfish but I’m not 100% convinced as it just looked a hell of a lot like a mainland yabby to me the only thing that put a little bit of doubt in my mind is that it was starting to get a bit spiky like a cray.Freshwater Cray

If someone can let us know that would be great (also in video).  Also down in the Gorge we came across another thing that I haven’t seen in about 4 years and I think it is called a canary worm Canary Worm and after spotting this one we seen another 3 very shortly after.

So after checking out the worms we made the horrible walk back out of the Gorge and went and got some lunch.  After lunch we headed further North and thought it would be a good opportunity to get the drone out and get some footage of the Tamar River Mouth as it was an absolute stunning day with very little wind.  Unfortunately I lost visual site of the drone and also all communication with it so I didn’t manage to get a photo but I still managed to get some good video footage as I had it recording before I lost coms

After The drone decided it was lost and came back to its home position we moved on again and went up and checked out Greens Beach from here we made the trip back to the Hotel and had a quick rest and freshen up before hitting the bars again and catching up with another Rochestorian that has made the move over to Tassie which was great (Andrew Churnside) and there where also a few more over for the footy so it was good to catch up and reminisce about the past over quite a few beers.  That night Jacinta spewed and I laughed haha.  The next day we were a bit worse for ware with bad hangovers and soar body’s after all the walking the day before and the wood chopping from the previous few weeks but we still pushed on and went and checked out Cataract Gorge although we didn’t do too much walking it was still good to have a look and compare the infamous flood photo with one of mine.Cataract GorgeCataract Gorge 1

From here we made the long slow painful trip back home and did very little for the rest of the afternoon

Thanks Hope you enjoyed

Special Thanks to Todd Poke for all the help out the block for the last month of so. And to Stew…. For trying

Full Video here.

Cheers Brendan & Jacinta




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