The Unnamed Falls

After a week away for work in Cobram I was pretty keen to get back but it was a bit of a shock to the system as it had been nice and warm over in Victoria.  Also I had missed the good old Tassie Beer Boags Red (XXX Ale) so I might have indulged in a few and woke up with a bit of a sore head, But can’t let that stop you.  So on yet another horrible Tassie day we where off exploring again. This is yet another place I have found just Trolling Maps.  So with the rain pelting down and the 100km winds blowing us all over the road we were off heading back yet again to the “Tarkine” , the area I wanted to check out was along some old forestry track and I thought it would be a good idea to clear it. clearing-track

After about 10min on the chainsaw and realising that I wasn’t getting anywhere fast we got sick of it and decided to walk the rest of the way and it was probably a good thing because the track just got worse and worse, the 2016 fires have really made a mess of the area and the small trees seem to fall over at the drop of a hat pushing-through-old-fostery-track

This was once upon a time a good track into this coup but as you can see it isn’t too much any more.  So after quite a while of following the track and weaving through the maze of fallen trees we reached the end of the old track and it didn’t get any better from there, the bush that we had to push through after that was even worse pushing-throughFrom here we headed towards the creek and were surprised to find some other falls that weren’t marked on the map and it was a fantastic little spot although pretty hard to get there.bonus-fallsSo we stopped and rested and took in the beautiful spot.bonus-falls-1bonus-falls-downstreamLooking Downstream from the ‘Bonus Falls’.

I didn’t have the Drone on this trip as the weather didn’t really allow but I still got the trusty Go-pro into action to capture the area

From here we where nearly going to call it and start heading back as it was very difficult cutting our way through the burnt forest but we had come in to far to give up finding the main falls so we pushed through and continued on.  Although not very far as the crow flies it took about 30min to move 200m and also got a glimpse of the Arthur Riverarthur-riverFrom hear we could here the falls so we weren’t to far away thankfully so we cut towards the sound of the falls and had a look top-of-fallsbut the top of the falls gave it no justice so I had to go to the bottom and get a better look main-falls

The Main falls weren’t as spectacular as the little bonus falls we found but it was still worth all the cuts and scratches we received on the walk and the best thing was there was no leeches there yet.scratched-legs

Hope you enjoyed. The Full HD video will be on you tube Named Orphan Creek Falls



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