The Waterfall Run

After a few days of being stuck at home due to bad weather we were keen to get out and about again especially as I have had days of work, so it was up early and on our way to Waratah as we were keen to check out Philosopher Falls.  We have been saying that we where going to do this for ages now so it was good to finally go and do it.  The weather was once again horrible and raining but it just seemed to stop as we got there thankfully so we got our stuff organised and headed in and instantly it was like winding the clock back millions of years the forest looked and felt ancient you kind of nearly expected to see dinosaurs20161231_093525crazy-tree

It kind of felt scary having your back to this tree as it looked like it wants to grab you big-fallen-myrtle

There where also some massive fallen Myrtles here as well, seeing this makes you a bit wary of walking through the forest. After getting down and crossing the boardwalk across the Arthur River the rest of the track follows a water race to the falls. The water race was used to supply the township/mine of Magnet back in the early 1900’ have to give it to the early settlers this would have been wet hard brutal work digging this out for quite a few km. Not much further up there is a staircase down to a viewing platform for the falls and it was definitely worth the walk.fungusSome very red fungus on the way.philosopher-falls

From here we decided to go and have a look up Mt Cleveland but it was pointless as the seasons were confused and it thought it was a drizzly winters day so we didn’t see a thing but the trip up was a bit of this we decided to go down to the Hazelwood River and have a bit of lunch.

It is a beautiful little river if it where any warmer I would have nearly got in for a swim hazelwood-river

From here we where on our way to Waratah to check out a water fall that I found out about that is pretty well hidden but on the way there was something else I wanted to check out first arthur-river-dam

Which was the Arthur River Dam which I believe was built for a constant water supply for the water race mentioned above, it doesn’t look overly big but it must have worked.

We arrived on Waratah and found the track to the falls and literally just as we started walking down it Summer decided to show up again, I reckon the temperature rose about 10 degrees  in a matter of seconds and been in a very damp tea tree and dogwood forest it made it feel like a sauna which wasn’t good as the walk was extreme it was basically straight down the side of a mountain thick with rotten wood and moss but it was worth it in the end hidden-falls

The Walk up was literally a living Hell and although the falls were good I don’t think I will be visiting them any time soon again.  So after getting back to the 4wd soaking wet from sweat and covered in prickles we decided to go check out a couple of more falls near Ridgley.

The first one was Serpent Falls which was very hard to find anywhere to get a good look but luckily I had the droneDCIM100MEDIADJI_0009.JPG

Not to far from here there are a couple of other falls so we decided to go and check them out as well the first Sanderson Falls there was another walk down a steep hill so we decided not to this time but we did find someone’s opium stash and it was flourishing.poppypoppy-1So after I dragged Jacinta away we went onto the next falls ( St Georges) and in their own way I thought these ones were the best.DCIM100MEDIADJI_0010.JPGAlthough not much water was flowing over, this one was a true waterfall as it touches nothing from the top down to the bottom.

After this we are home bound and hanging out for a nice cold beer.  Hope you all had a great 2016 and have an even better 2017 and will catch ya in the new year.

Cheers Brendan & Jacinta

The whole video can be seen on you tube




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  1. Hi Brendan. Steve Garth here, from Devonport. I had a read of your blog on the waterfalls, and had an immediate connection. I was also from Victoria, in Melbourne. But my wife Gwen and I have retired here, to the land of our ancestors! I’m was a bit of a waterfall buff in Victoria, and I’m even worse here in Tassie! lol. I am busy checking out as many as I can do whilste I still have the strength in me. I’ve got some questions for you, about access to St Georges falls, Serpent Falls, and the “Hidden” falls in Waratah. (I assume they are the ones down below the powerhouse?). If you might get back to me, I would much appreciate it. I’ve seen a few other falls here on the north coast, and am happy to update you on them, if you haven’t seen any of them yet.
    Cheers.. Steve.

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