Third Time Lucky (Victory Springs)

Today was only a reasonably quick trip to prove to ourselves the existence of Victory Springs.  We have tried 2 times before and failed even though both previous times we have found springs of sorts. Hidden Secrets of the Tarkine and Hidden Arthur River Camping Spot .  So we where off to try to find the actual elusive springs, even though we have been here a few times in the last 6 months I still managed to find the longest way possible there and we where on a shortish time frame as  Jacinta had to work in the afternoon. ( The much hated arvo shift for me anyway) So after nearly circumnavigating Tassie we got to the spot and began the walk down a steep bloody hill and through thick bush.pushing-trough-the-bushAlthough not very far from the road at all it was still a bit of a challenging walk watching out for snakes, checking the GPS and pushing through the thick undergrowth, we eventually made it to where I had Victory Spring marked on the map but it was nowhere to be seen which was a bit disheartening at the time because I was really keen to find it.  But I wasn’t about to give up and in about two min after that we found an old mine shaft   victory-mine

I believe this is called victory Mine which was used to mine copper back in the day. At this stage I was still not to admit defeat so we kept on looking and followed the mine down the hill to the Arthur River ruin-pipe-stand

and seen this on the way, looks like some old stand or something that would have been used in the mine.  Once at the River there was still no sign at all of the springs just the ruin of the Farquhars Bridge.farquhars-bridge-1farquhars-bridge

Although time was working against us a little we were still not keen of giving up and I thought I could hear a trickle of water running into the Arthur up-stream about 200m so we went to investigate and sure enough there was so we followed the trickle upstream and found what we where looking for at last victory-spring

Although not as spectacular as what I was hoping it was still pretty impressive and is ever so mildly thermal, with the finger test I reckon it would be just over 20 degrees.  I’m guessing in the winter months it may have a bit more flow.

In the bottom centre of the video you can see where the water is coming out of the spring.  This spring is part of the Arthur Lyon Magnesite Karst system and from what I have found out this spring come about from mining in the area back in the days.  This Magnesite Karst system is one of the best developed systems in Australia and arguably the world.  I’m not 100% sure on the significance of the system but it sounds and looks and makes some pretty unreal formations.

From here we trudged back through the bush and up the hill to find the car and then head to Stanley (the short way) for lunch and to check out the Young Endeavouryoung-endevour-1young-endevour   Unfortunately it didn’t have the sails up but was still well worth the look and as the wind was howling I’m pretty sure they will have a quick trip to Boat Harbour tonight .

So in conclusion to the Victory Springs we have found that this area has a hell of a lot to offer for such a small area we have found caves, springs both thermal and cold, mines and I have a sneaky suspicion that there may be some more caves up the hill a bit further but that will be for next time

Cheers Hope you enjoyed

Brendan & Jacinta

HD video can be seen here.

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  1. Fajnego masz bloga. Kocham tu wracać ponieważ wszystkie wpisy czytam z zainteresowaniem. Twoje notki czyta się lekko co sprawia że człowiek się nie męczy siedząc tutaj. Tak 3maj.

  2. Hello, thanks so much for your post. I live at Takone and have been interested in this spring for many years. I love exploring the richness of this area. Thanks for sharing. Jill.

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