Upper Reaches of the Black River

Today we went out in search of Spion Kop mine and some old machinery out the back of Mawbanna and had absolutely no luck finding either but still found some interesting spots.   So on the way to looking for Spion Kop mine (which turned out was nowhere near the actual location) we came across a tree in a rather scary position, for us anyway as we had to walk under it. Supporting Tree   It seemed that bark and a couple of small branches where the only things holding it there.  Not far from here we came across a very dilapidated bridge and as we where crossing it, it sounded like there was a small waterfall up-stream a little so we went and checked it out.

Cascade 1

Once we got to the first one we then seen a second and a third.  They where more like rapids than waterfalls but still very scenic.Cascade 3Cascade 2

After wandering through the bush for about an hour along the Black RiverBlack River we gave up and went to try to find an old boiler or something out the back of Mawbanna.  We ended up down the end of Wrights Rd in a clear felled coup and realised that we where pretty close to the Start of an arm of the Black River so we went and checked it out DCIM100MEDIADJI_0001.JPGDCIM100MEDIADJI_0003.JPG

I have never really taken much notice of the start of river systems before so it was a first for us and was pretty interesting to. Basically all it is, is a soak coming out of the side of a hill and the further you go down the wetter it gets until it becomes a small flowing creek.Start Of Black RiverThe first Visual sign of flowing water.FungusWhich caused some rather different and healthy looking fungus to grow.  Tree Fungus

After this we wanted to go and check out some old mine sites around Newhaven Rd.  The first one was just a disused gravel pit that seemed to be mostly full of water so I couldn’t help myself just had to drive through some.

So after finding nothing of much interest we decided to keep going and check out another old mine site further up Newhaven rd which turned out once again to be nothing but it did bring us to the intersection of the Newhaven track which I have always wanted to check out so what not a better time to do it.  A fair section near the start of the track would be under water after heavy rain as the track is at the same level as the creek beside it.  It’s hard to tell from the video but you can see the sword grass that has been laid down after last weeks rain.

The Track started to get a bit rutty so I chickened out and turned around a few K’s up as I was only by myself and didn’t want to risk sitting it on the diffs and been out of reach of a tree to winch off (that’s my excuse anyway).

(I never get sick of the sound)

From here we done the rest of Newhaven Rd and nearly tempted myself into shakespears but Jacinta wouldn’t let me. So next time maybe.  Even though we didn’t find exactly what we where looking for we still had a good day out and have given ourselves a few more adventures to look forward to.

Hope you enjoyed


Brendan & Jacinta

Full Video here.



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