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Meunna area.

On this trip, we head to West Takone to check out Sculthorpe Road and find more than we thought we might.

After a week of horrible weather we were keen to get out exploring again so we thought we would head out to West Takone and check out Sculthorpes Rd and straight away we came across some history, a little more recent than what we are used to but still interesting.

Going by the ruins in the area I’m guessing that it may have been a small community for forestry many years ago.  It looked like until recently there was a house standing here but it was burnt to the ground in 2015 apparently. 

From here we continued down Sculthorpes Rd for a km or so but it was getting very overgrown and we were in the cruiser as the Zook is undergoing some panel repairs, so we chickened out and turned around but not before seeing the biggest one of these we have ever seen.

From here we went the long way around to the other end of the track as I thought there may have been a waterfall on a creek there but the creek was too hard to get down to and the bush was soaking wet but we did manage to find an old bridge.

My guess is it has been there for a very long time as you couldn’t even make out the track coming down to the bridge and all the road base had disappeared off the top of the bridge.   From here thinking we weren’t going to find much more of interest for the day we decided to check out the location of a possible waterfall in the area.  I wasn’t confident that it was going to be much if anything as it was at the start of a little creek system that flowed into the Arthur River but It was early and we had plenty of time up our sleeves so we thought we would make the effort and check it out anyway.

This was another treck that had no marked track after we left a very old forestry track that was more re-growth than track.  After a few false leads and dead ends, we made our way down into the gully and our hopes of finding something got better as we could hear cascading water so we kept sliding down the very steep gully and eventually made it to a strange cleared creek. Straight away we knew we had found something good as we came out of the bush right next to a small waterfall. I called it Fern Falls as there is a very out-of-place tree-fern at the base of the falls (This got me wondering).  Not convinced we had found the falls I had marked we continued on up-stream and about 100m further up there was a massive landslide and just on the other side of that was the main falls. 

It never occurred to me at the time but there were very little debris and dirt at the bottom of the landslide considering the size of it but there was evidence of how high it filled the valley and come up the  other bank so my guess to what has happened is the landslide has completely blocked the creek and caused a naturally made dam and after a period of time or heavy rain the mud and clay wall could no longer hold the volume of water and it has disappeared with a great deal of force and cleared the creek and surroundings downstream??????.  After speculating what might have happened we started to make our way back and I took the opportunity to find as many fungi as I could, although surprisingly scarce we still managed to find some good ones.   and a close-up 

Hygrocybe erythrocrenata
Hygrocybe anomola

Mycena kuurkacea
Clavulinopsis corallinorosacea




After slowly making our way back to the cruiser we set off to find the elusive Monkey Puzzle Tree but unfortunately had no luck so we head home quite happy with the days finds.

Hope you enjoyed




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