Winterbrook Falls Trip

The main purpose of todays trip was to scout out an area for another trip but rather than traveling all them km and risking it been a waste of time we decided to go into Winterbrook Falls and have a look and weren’t disappointed.  The area is an old logging area of the King Billy Pine so is littered with history.   This is the first time we have ever seen or noticed it before and can you believe it Jacinta walked nearly 10km and not once did she fall over. Info.jpg

The start of the track is a bit of a tease as it is all board walk and very easy.Start of Track.jpg

But it only last the length of the swamp and after that it is more just a trek in a rainforest rather than a track.  Not long after the swamp the history in the area really starts to show with old bridges Old Bridge 1.jpgOld Bridge.jpg

Tramways Old Tramway.jpg

and Snig Tracks.Snig Track.jpg

Snig tracks are where bullocks would drag the logs from the bush to the mill site and by the depth of some of the tracks I reckon a hell of a lot of King Billy was selectively harvested from the area and by the size of some of the trees in the area it would have been hard going to.King Billy.jpgAlthough nearly dead it is the first King Billy we have ever seen and it was massive.  The tree is rather long-lived too this could be up to 1000 years old.King Billy 1

Although they have been logged in the area they are making a rather dominating comeback and there is a lot of regrowth King Billy.  Old Tramway Bridge.jpg

Old Tramway Bridge.jpg

Another old tramway bridge.  Apart from been rich with history this walk is also rather scenic with lots of little creeks and waterfalls along the way.Creek.jpg

Winterbrook Creek.jpg

Another Creek.jpg

It was also a funny old walk as it seemed the higher you got the wetter the track was but I think there may have been a fair bit of snow melt from the day before so the creeks and little streams where in full flow.  Once you get out of the rain forest and into the alpine type forest you straight away have a great view of the falls and it is impressive as they are huge.Winterbrook Falls.jpg

Winterbrook Falls 1

Over the 2 drops it would have to be well over 100m high and there was quite a substantial amount of water pouring over them.  The closer we got to the falls the colder and wetter it was. Looking Towards Falls.jpg

Unfortunately that was about the last decent picture I got of them but I did try Base of falls.jpgand failed as there was a constant drizzle of mist from the falls and the wind it created seamed to come straight for you and then straight through you as I don’t reckon the temperature of it would have been much above zero.

After taking in the views we started the long trip back to the Cruiser for some lunch.  After lunch I thought we better go and do what we actually planned on doing and checking out the area and not far from the car park we came across another creek that must have been used as a log slide or something Tramway on different creek.jpg

Not far from here was a hut that was marked on my map so we started walking towards it but gave up as the bush became nearly impassable and I forgot the machete, So we continued on and found what we where looking for but that will be another trip and be done on the ‘Slug’ and possibly some Zooks.  So to fill in some time we checked out some of the forestry tracks in the area and was rewarded with a good photo opportunity as there was a young wedge tail eagle keeping an eye on us Wedgetail.jpgI had to try to get closer to get a better shot as the lens I have isn’t ideal for birds but in doing so I created some even better action shots.Wedgetail 1  He was jumping up to the end of the branch getting ready to get away from that weirdo with the cameraWedgetail 2and then take off.  After filling in some time disturbing the peace of the eagle I found a small bog hole and thought I would give it ago but it was disappointing

but it was a good excuse to get the cruiser in front of the camera as it has been awhile.

Hope you enjoyed


Brendan & Jacinta.

Full Video here.


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