West Takone Area.

On this trip to West Takone Area, we set out to find a couple of waterfalls but found much more and got the opportunity to test out the Zook.

Initially on this trip, we set out to look for a possible waterfall on the Black River but unfortunately, it was a false lead and only lead to a small cascade that was very hard to get to.DSC07970 1

After not having much planned after this we decided to go down to the Actual Black River and have a look Black River 1

and whilst I was there I couldn’t help but have a look for some fungi.

Cortinarius rotundisporus 1
Cortinarius rotundisporus


Mycena Inturrupta 1
Mycena Inturrupta


Hygrocybe Firma 1
Hygrocybe Firma

After having a good look around it was still pretty early so we decided to head in an easterly direction and soon found ourselves down near Cann Creek and decided to look for another possible waterfall but the creek was in a very steep Gorge and was too hard going unless we got our feet wet so we decided to leave it until summer.  At this point we where getting sick of the disappointment so my mind started drifting to 4wding and testing the Zook out a bit so we found a little track nearby that seemed alright until we came across a gnarly little creek crossing and decided that attempting without a winch would be asking for trouble so we did a hundred point turn and then I noticed (another fungus haha) Mycena roseflava 1




another track off to the right and it was a nice slippery clay hill and the temptation was just too strong… but first Jacinta had to give it a go and loosen the surface.

and give the Zook a bad name but I soon redeemed it.  Testing The Zook 1

After having a bit of fun we decided to go and get our waterfall fixation over and done with and went down to McGowan’s Falls (one of my favourite) McGowans Falls 1McGowans Falls 1 1McGowans Creek 1

After taking in the scenery we decided to go and find the elusive (to us) Monkey Puzzle Tree at West Takone.  We drove past the approximate location about 10 times and even managed to find the old West Takone Timber Mill

West Takone Mill
Footing for the Mill
West Takone Mill Sawdust
Sawdust mound

even found an old Zook gearbox in the area haha.

Zook Gearbox

After walking around the Mill site for about an hour getting frustrated we decided to give up and head home via another little 4wd track but just as we where leaving I managed to get some reception and downloaded some GPS coordinates (Thanks Dion)and finally after about 5 years of half looking we found it Monkey Puzzle Tree good 1Zook & Monkey puzzle The Monkey Puzzle Tree is supposed to be 1 of only 2 growing in Tasmania but I think there may be more and this one is also at the sight of the old West Takone Post Office, the footings and water tank are still visible.west takone post office water tankwest takone post office foundations.jpg  I’m not exactly sure of the date it was still in operation but it was when electricity was readily available as there was an old horrible galvanised earth steak and it even had the clamp and a bit of bare earth wire hanging out of it.  There were also utensils in the area but wasn’t too sure if these where just modern rubbish or from the era old Oven This may have been an oven?? After exploring the area we thought we better start heading back… Via Campbell Ranges of course to give the Zook a bit more of a workout the track to start with is very easy and then starts getting a little rocky but nothing to serious for the Zook but as we got deeper into the bush the track enclosed and started to get a little steeper and a few waterholes started to appear but we traversed them with little issue it wasn’t till about a km before where we got to last time (coming from the other direction) that things got a little harder.  There was a massive tree across the road but luckily someone had cut a track around but that in itself was a fair challenge which took quite a few attempt but we weren’t going to let it beat the Zook so I used more right foot and we got up over and around and then slid all the way down a hill to the position we got to last time in the cruiser (coming from the other direction).

By this time it was starting to get late but Wally had told us about a waterfall in the area that we had yet seen so we decided to go and have a look and found that It will be a ripper as it is another 2 for 1 deal but very hard to get to.  With only an hour of daylight left and the thirst kicking in we only managed to get to the top of the top one Hebe Feeder Falls 1

but will return very soon to suss them both out some more.


Hope you enjoyed.



Full Video here.

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  1. We went to West Takone with Peter Manchester as part of a geological excursion with Adult Ed, finding wonderful fossils.

  2. My grandfather use to cart logs out off there 50 odd yrs ago. Spend many a weekend out there camping and four wheel driving

  3. Hello
    I grew up in west takone saw mill village
    I knew the Barratts who ran post office and post office
    I remember the snow and rain forest a few metres from back fence
    Michael taylor

    1. I was born at West Takone, further along the road towards Yolla from the saw mill village. My dad, Bern Heazlewood, used to drive a bus from West Takone to Yolla and back – taking kids to the Yolla Area School. I remember Edgar and Lydia Barrett – lovely couple. It is a shame there is nothing left of their lovely house and only bits and pieces of the saw mill village.

      Suzanne Heazlewood

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