Arthur River Chalet

Today was yet another beautiful sunny hot Tasmanian Day……. NOT….. It was horrible windy and cold which seems to be typical for this time of the year. Cold as winter but has the wind on top of it too.  The Day was no good for fishing or diving or anything so we decided to go out exploring again which can be done in any weather and it is still great fun.

There was a place we have been eying off on our maps for quite awhile now near Hellyer Gorge  and was pretty keen to go see if we could find / access it. It didn’t start of to well as the first road into the area had a bridge washed away so we turned around and ventured through the Gorge and tried again up further and had success (well kind of) after following forestry tracks for what seemed like and eternity we came across this.bridgeThere wasn’t a great deal holding this bridge up so it was scary just to walk on it let alone drive it bridge-1So we decided to walk the rest of the way which turned out wasn’t a problem as the Arthur River Chalet was just over the bridge and what a spot it was it was well worth the drive in.

We were only going to have a quick look and then move on and have a look around the area but we enjoyed it that much we decided to stay for a while have a look around and have lunch the Arthur River look great in this area too I reckon it would offer some good trout fishing as well as there are some deep holes in the area.river-1river-2river-3

I’m led to believe that the Hut was an old Forestry Hut and has since been rebuilt after burning down by one of the local 4wd clubs and what a fantastic job they have done, it was immaculate, even had lighting available and 12v power, the bar and fire setup was great and also has bed bunk frames that you could lay the swag on.  The thing that surprised me the most is there wasn’t any rubbish at all left around so that’s saying that not a lot of people know about the spot.hutinside-hutI also got a little confident on the drone as there wasn’t any wind at all hidden out in the bush and done an ‘inside’ video and luckily all went well other than the dust storm it created

You can also see in the video the flood mark in the hut and by looking at the level it is lucky to still be there.  So the 4wd club has done a great job of building and maintaining the place.

After enjoying lunch, The Hut and a nice cold beer we decided to move on.  There are tracks everywhere in this area some are just dead ends into coups and others look like they go to great little spots. There is one down there that we are keen to revisit that follows the Arthur river upstream for quite a distance and there are a couple of old crossing off to the side of it where bridges once used to be.washed-out-bridge

Also found an old dunny near the Wandle River crossing which was a bit random as it was the only bit of infrastructure we seen in the area old-toilet

I’m guessing it may of been part of another old forestry camp.  That’s one of the best things about exploring around Tassie there is something to discover or look at around every corner despite the weather at this time of the year there is no were else I would rather be.  From the old Dunny in the bush we headed out through the entirety of forestry tracks and headed home feeling rather happy about finding this place.

Cheers Hope you enjoy, Videos will also be on YouTube available in 4k Search for Arthur River Chalet.


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  1. I always enjoy your stories. It is refreshing to find somebody who will write about their experiences off road. Too often it is video, which is great, but you can only fit so much into a 5-10 minute video. Secretly I love video, but I’m not that good at editing it and iMovie isn’t the best software out there.

    I’ve found that most 4×4 clubs out there take the tread lightly principles pretty seriously. I’m not surprised at all that they left that shed in such a good condition.

    1. Thanks. I didn’t think i would ever do anything like this myself but now i have started writing about it i love it haha. I still need some major pointers on editing videos im still a hack haha

  2. Thanks for sharing I enjoyed your pic’s and video……The drone makes a brillant video…

  3. Thanks Brendan – Any chance we could have some coordinates for this hut, we have been exploring this area for years and never seen this…

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