Luncheon Hill To Teapot Hill

After last nights shenanigans,

(sorry Sam Had to add it) Beers and a great meal (thanks Sam and Shelley) we had a bit of a hangover, I just can’t handle it like I used to but I still couldn’t waste the day away.

We forced ourselves out too kick the hangover and explore some more places that we haven’t been yet. I have been eying of Luncheon hill for awhile now and it wasn’t disappointing.veiws-luncheon-hill


veiws-luncheon-hill-2veiws-luncheon-hill-1weather-towerLuncheon Hill also has a weather station located on top of it I’m not sure if you are allowed up their but there was no signs saying otherwise and the gate was open and it is a great 360 degree view from the tower. You can only get up to the second last level as the top is locked but that was well and truly enough for me as I hate heights but I’m a sucker for a good view.

as you can tell from the video I am a bit shaky and am holding on for dear life, Jacinta was on the level below and freaking out there.  It also gives you a good perspective of just how big and bad the fires last summer where, some areas will grow back and some won’t. 20160925_115846The Moss seems to love it at this stage though.

After this we made our way south through the forestry tracks and where aiming for Teapot Hill.  survey-pointOld Survey Point looking back towards Luncheon Hill one-green-treeOne green tree in the gully that managed to survive the inferno.interesting-tree-3interesting-tree-2interesting-tree-1I’m not sure how this tree was even still standing it looked like it had a bomb go off in the bottom of it and it contained the explosion, it was a strange look but weren’t to keen on sticking around to long as there is very little wood holding the rest of it up.  After this we found the track up to Teapot hill screenshot_20160925-131511But didn’t quite get their, there was a lot of dead burnt trees on the track and unfortunately didn’t have the chainsaw. (It may not even be worth trying but I just can’t help myself, I figure the track is there for a reason but has just been forgotten about). As the Arthur river is close to this area we went down a few other tracks to try and get to it but the best I could do was get a view from on top of a hill.arthur-river-2arthur-river-1I reckon there would be hundreds of spots along the Arthur River that you can get to if you don’t mind scratching your vehicle each as great as the one before.

After this we started heading back to Tayatea Rd along Holder road and came across some ruins.old-doser-tracksWhat I think are old Dozer tracks, (Update 26/09/16) I have since found out that this site is believed to be an old forestry commission camp (Holder Camp) that was set up in the late 60’s and then decommissioned in the late 80’s, there were single men’s quarters, camp kitchen and cook and a workshop.  not-sureman-made-dam Man made dams are Scattered along forestry roads for fire fighting purposes and other general use  concrete-foundationsConcrete Foundations that are been reclaimed by the fire pit we found about a km up the road, It may of been part of the camp kitchen or living quarters.  After this we had the painfully long and windy drive back  as we couldn’t get over Tayatea Bridge as it is still closed.

Thanks to Michael Mahoney and Garth Smith for the info on the Old Holder Camp Cheers

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