Julius River Swallet

This post is a bit of a re-visit of an older post (Julius River Caves) not because we are running out of places to look at but because the last few times we have been here we have completely missed all the good bits. This would have to be one of the most spectacular river... Continue Reading →

Meander Falls

This weekend gone turned out to be a very busy weekend with a 4WD trip on Saturday  (and possibly expensive one as I think I have done a front main engine seal on the cruiser) and then on Sunday got invited to do a walk with the Tassie Tiger Trekkers to Meander Falls.  So we where... Continue Reading →

Jack Smiths Track Trip

Now I don't like to start on a downer and I don't like going into this stuff too much so I will keep it brief.  Something really pissed me off this week I got a message from a certain group of people (person) telling me  not to share some of the beautiful places we find as they... Continue Reading →

The Unnamed Falls

After a week away for work in Cobram I was pretty keen to get back but it was a bit of a shock to the system as it had been nice and warm over in Victoria.  Also I had missed the good old Tassie Beer Boags Red (XXX Ale) so I might have indulged in... Continue Reading →

Part 3 Jervis Bay and Surrounds

So after a long gruelling walk to the caves and back in Deua National Park (Bendethera Camp) we returned to camp packed up, had a quick swim to cool down and we where on our way. On the way out I noticed there was a fire tower so we had a quick look in there and it... Continue Reading →

Trial Harbour Camping

This Trip was to test out all the modifications we had done to the trailer and work out what we are missing before we go on our trip to the mainland . So on Friday morning after the dreaded nightshift and only a couple of hours sleep we're Trial Bound, after a long boring 3 hours... Continue Reading →

Luncheon Hill To Teapot Hill

After last nights shenanigans, (sorry Sam Had to add it) Beers and a great meal (thanks Sam and Shelley) we had a bit of a hangover, I just can't handle it like I used to but I still couldn't waste the day away. We forced ourselves out too kick the hangover and explore some more places that we... Continue Reading →

Sandy Cape 17/09/16

I thought today was going to be a pretty cautious day out 4wding down to the start of Sandy Cape Beach so James and Sam could test out there new 4wd's but how wrong was I it turned out rather eventful. We stopped in the usual spot in Temma to air down the tyres and... Continue Reading →

The hidden secrets of the ‘Tarkine’

Today we went somewhere we have never been before, we started at Takone and ended up at Dip Falls and uncovered some secrets of the 'Tarkine' along the way. Heading west from West Takone into the unknown, we wanted to check out some abandon mines in the area but the floods we had earlier in... Continue Reading →

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