Pieman River To Trial Harbour


Australia Day long weekend, at least for some anyway and what better way to spend it by going on a camping trip.  On Thursday morning we where up bright and early and eager to hit the road and by mid morning we where at the start of the Montezuma track where I decided it would be a good idea to unhook the trailer before we continued in.  So with the trailer unhooked we where on our way and after about 3km a thought came to me and I suddenly stopped and thought ‘Shit I left the pin for the trailer coupling and the clip on the rear step’ so I got out hoping to hell they where still there and the clip was but the pin was gone.  After a lot of swearing and cursing I thought there is not much we can really do so we might as well keep going, so we tracked on we me in a foul mood with myself.mushrooms

Not far up we seen these massive mushrooms, the photo doesn’t really give it justice but they where big and by this stage I had put the lost pin in the back of the mind and started to enjoy the scenery. Quite a bit further up we came across an old mine shaft that we have driven by quite a few time before but have never seen it but this time we did so went and had a look mine-shaft-monz

It didn’t go in very far but was worth a look even just to try to capture how they mined back in the day and what hard dangerous work it must have been.  From this point the rest of the track followed the old tramway in and you can still see evidence of it.  We finally made it to the falls and begun the short walk in old-tramway

I was really keen to get the drone going in there but as usual the weather was horrible so I didn’t get a chance to send it up.  Then we came to the horrible bridge swing-bridge

every time I cross this I am holding on for dear life, I hate it and so did Deb ( Jacinta’s Mum) so it made me feel a little better that I’m not the only one scared of it. montezuma-falls

So after a couple of photos we where on our way out and I started thinking about this bloody Pin again and I said to everyone to keep an eye out for it on the way back knowing that it would be like finding a needle in a hay stack but would you believe it… We did find it.  It was in the middle of the track about 1km from where we uncoupled the trailer, how it got that far without falling of is beyond me but I was over the moon that we found it because it could have been a trip ender for us.

So after a bit of lunch and me trying to screw my head back on we went on to Zeehan to catch up with Bradley and Heidi Horton and Dirk, Michelle and Jenna Schumann and went into Granville to try to find a spot for the weekend and were a little surprised at the amount of people who where around but in a last-ditch effort of trying not to have to camp in an open area we were lucky enough to find a great little spot that was protected by the wind and we had it all to ourselves DCIM100MEDIADJI_0006.JPGThe only down side was that about 2 hours before the sun went down the sand-flies came out in the millions and then after the sun went down the mossies took over and then 2 hours after the sun came back up again in the morning the sand-flies  came back for breakfast.

By this time I was itching to get the drone out and have a look at the beautifully rugged coast line of the West Coast.

The Next morning we where all up pretty early considering the reasonable big night keen to go and do the Climes Track and have a look at a few of the sites and as always with the Climes Track it doesn’t take long at all and you are in the full swing of things, this track has changed every time I have done it so it always full of little surprises which is what makes it such a good track.

After a while we came across St Clair Falls which although only 200m off the track we have never had a look at so we stopped for the morning coffee and a short walk through the thick coastal scrub and made it to the top of the falls view-from-st-clair-falls-1view-from-st-clair-fallsIt was pretty hard to get to the bottom the way we went in so I decided to get the drone out and suss it out DCIM100MEDIADJI_0013.JPGI just wish I could see what I was doing.

After This we where Back on the road again.

Considering how the track was we made reasonably good time and where at Federation mine at about lunch time so we went in for a look and had a bite to eat.federation-mine

We still haven’t found the actual shaft or audit to the mine so we will be back to suss it out more. After lunch we where back on the track again although the track from here is reasonably easy it still offers a few challenges dilipadated-bridge

Not far past this we decided to go into Cornwell Mine where you can walk though the small mine and spray tunnel and it offers great views out the other side conwall-mine-view

(More info can be found on the Cornwell and Federation Mine in our Trial Harbour Trip ).  From here we went into Trial Harbour for a long-awaited toilet stop and then out onto ocean beach for a beer at the Little Henty (Now) Day use area little-hentytrial-picknick-area-bar

From here Bradley, Heidi & Family and Dirk, Michelle and Jenna went and walked up Cumberland Hill to the Dam and fantastic views and me Jacinta and Deb took the easy option and drove up on the hill above Trial to check out the views trialview-above-trial

From here it was back to Zeehan for a few more supplies and then back to camp to put the feet up and have a few more well deserved beers.

The next morning we where up and at it again, this time we where heading north to the Pieman heads and not far away from camp was the start of 4 Mile Beach and a nice sand dune


with some good views to soak in.  From here as the sun finally decided to come out we thought it would be a good chance to go and get some abalone but they where very scarce in the spot we went and we nearly got sucked out into the open ocean as there was a very strong current flowing through the spot we where at but I still managed to get the go-pro in the water and take some footage, I just wish I had the spear gun as hidden in the kelp there were a couple of fish that nearly looked nice enough to eat.

After a pretty unsuccessful dive we continued our trip north and checked out Conical Harbour conical-rocksWhich has some pretty random rock formations no doubt formed by the crazy whether that sometimes hits the coast conical-rocks-1The Coastal track was surprisingly dry which was good because it looks like it would be worse than the inland track if it was wet as it is fairly chopped up but it did make it very dusty and it is that horrible black dust. So after a bit more driving we where just about out of the Conical Rocks and had the Pieman Heads in our site conical-rocks-2

Looking Back at the conical pieman-heads

Pieman Heads from the same spot.  As we where coming into the Heads we seen all these snobby looking rich people walking down the beach seemingly giving all us 4wders the evil eye and it took awhile for us to realise that the Arcadia II had docked at the heads and all the tourists had the chance to go walk about arcaida-dockedThis  boat does tours down the Pieman River from Corinna  and I wouldn’t mind doing this myself one day but there prices are a bit steep as with anything to do with tourists.

We stopped for a while at the Heads and the Kids had a bit of fun in the Kayak whilst we had a couple of beers and cooked lunch and took in the scenery looking-towards-the-heads

and I realised that the few times I have been down here I have never actually seen the sun out.

After lunch we decided to go back to camp via the inland track which turned out pretty uneventful except for the first part where there is a reasonably steep hill climb

Just off the track a bit up near the end there are some falls that are on the Surprise Creek so we decided to go and see if we could find them suprise-creek


but as you can see the bush was pretty much impossible to pass through and everything was out to cut and scratch you, the creek was even out to grab Bradley’s young fella Cruz who misplaced his hand on a tree much to the amusement of everyone but he toughed it out and kept on going with a gumboot full of water.  After omitting defeat on finding the Falls we headed back to camp to enjoy quite a few beverages and a fantastic sunset DCIM100MEDIADJI_0001.JPG  DCIM100MEDIADJI_0003.JPG


I’m not sure which one I like the most so I just put them all up.  The next day was a picture perfect day and unfortunately we had to pack up and head for the hills, on the way we stopped at Reece Dam so I could have a quick play with the drone.

Reece Dam is the final dam of the Hydro dams that spans well over 60km and consists of 4 different dams it is well worth the look for those interested it is quite a sceptical. After this we all crossed the Fatman Barge at Corinna said our goodbyes and went separate ways home.  That wasn’t without drama either we went along the western explorer and nearly lost our camping trailer it was just lucky the safety chain was on. The safety-pin that holds the tow hitch   on had somehow worked its way off and the Pin came out and so did the tow hitch.  Luckily there was no other cars on the road and absolutely no damaged whatsoever and I for some reason had a spare pin and safety pin so it worked out well for a bad situation.  Also we received a phone call on the way home and found the great news on the safe Arrival of my sister and her fiancé (Megan & Ewen) baby Ava Kirsten Jenkinsimg_1869.jpg

So Congratulations and best wishes from Uncle Brendan and Aunty Jastinka.   The news also topped of a fantastic trip thanks to Jacinta and Deb Harvey   Bradley & Heidi Horton and Family and Dirk, Michelle & Jenna Schumann.

Hope you all enjoy

Cheers Brendan & Jacinta

Full Video in HD will be available here.














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