Trowutta caves and behond

Today was the first full day of sunshine we have had in awhile, so we made the most of it, Trowutta arch as it is now known is located on the start of the ‘tarkine’ drive.  It is a clasped cave system caused by sinkholes.


This place has been frozen in time, it is a short walk through a myrtle rainforest that can present some pretty good photo opportunities when the sun sneaks through the rather thick forest canopy.

Although it is rather muddy this time of the year the walk is still generally easy and well worth it.

There is quite a bit of water in it due to the copious amounts of rain we have had so far this winter.

Looking up the sinkhole (arch).

Further on down the track there are a few forestery tracks that lead down to the arthor river, there are some spectacular spots

This photo was taken earlier this year, scince then it has been completely flooded out and hard to access as all the top soil has washed onto the track and trees have come down.



Also when we where down this way we found a rather large dam up behind one of the tree farms. Not sure what it is called or why it is there but its provides some good scenery and a good chance to flex the brick haha

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