Upper Reaches of the Black River

Today we went out in search of Spion Kop mine and some old machinery out the back of Mawbanna and had absolutely no luck finding either but still found some interesting spots.   So on the way to looking for Spion Kop mine (which turned out was nowhere near the actual location) we came across a tree in a rather scary... Continue Reading →

Farquhar’s Road Trip

After a horrid couple of weeks caused by incompetent upper management whom of which have decided to close the factory I and many others work at for literally no reason, it was time to get back to some sort of normality and what not better way to do that than to venture out into some... Continue Reading →

The Launie Trip

After a very busy month or so of cleaning up after this so we can get ready to build it was time to get away for the weekend.  Although we had some great help from Todd Poke (without it we would still be going next summer) it was starting to drag out and feel never-ending,... Continue Reading →

Mersey Valley

This Weekend with the weather looking rather horrible in the west we decided to head eastward to the Mersey Valley and try to escape it.  It wasn't looking to good to start with as it rained the whole way there, as we got closer though the clouds got lighter and the rain turned to showers and... Continue Reading →

Hidden Arthur River Camping Spot

After not getting out camping over the Christmas / New Year period we where pretty keen to get the trailer out and get out and about. Although this time of the year is busy it's lucky that we have a few hidden gems of spots up our sleeves that we can get all to ourselves,... Continue Reading →

The Waterfall Run

After a few days of being stuck at home due to bad weather we were keen to get out and about again especially as I have had days of work, so it was up early and on our way to Waratah as we were keen to check out Philosopher Falls.  We have been saying that... Continue Reading →

Lapoinya To Guide Falls

Today we ventured through another area we haven't really been which started at Lapoinya and made our way through forestry tracks checking out sites in between and ended up at Guide Falls. It was a good day for a drive as the weather was pretty average after a surprisingly warm Christmas. Our first stop seemed... Continue Reading →

Arthur River Chalet

Today was yet another beautiful sunny hot Tasmanian Day....... NOT..... It was horrible windy and cold which seems to be typical for this time of the year. Cold as winter but has the wind on top of it too.  The Day was no good for fishing or diving or anything so we decided to go... Continue Reading →

Part 3 Jervis Bay and Surrounds

So after a long gruelling walk to the caves and back in Deua National Park (Bendethera Camp) we returned to camp packed up, had a quick swim to cool down and we where on our way. On the way out I noticed there was a fire tower so we had a quick look in there and it... Continue Reading →

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